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Family Football North East

Encourages families to learn together in schools, increasing their skills and confidence and strengthening family relationships. It targets families who face barriers to learning in the worst deprived wards in Newcastle and beyond and aims to inspire participation in learning and physical activity.

February 2014 - January 2015

Charity information: Newcastle United Foundation

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  • Need


    Almost 1 in 3 children in Newcastle (16,700) are classed as living in poverty (11% higher than national average) and there are high levels of poor adult’s skills in certain areas of the city. There is a need to deliver a range of opportunities to families so they can develop literacy, language and other skills, therefore improving the life chances of children, families and communities in deprived areas. Currently families face barriers to participating in learning which needs to be addressed.


    Family Football is designed to engage parents (in particular fathers & male family members) and children who would not normally attend educational sessions. Football is an accessible theme for families and will be used to promote joint learning in developing knowledge and confidence, the importance of healthy eating/exercise and indirectly literacy or numeracy skills. The project will help reduce underachievement, raise aspirations and engage further learning to help break the poverty cycle.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Encourage adults and children to enjoy learning together


    » The Foundation will produce workbooks for each family to complete during the course (appropriate to different age groups)
    » Attendance at after school learning club. 2 hour x 10 week programme in each area. 1 hour class room activity, 1 hour physical activity
    » Use of course material and marketing material that will incorporate the brand of NUFC as a hook to engage learners
    » New and first time learners are attracted to learn by recognisable brand

    Success will be...432 adults and children will participate and enjoy learning including 40 fathers/male family members

    Aim 2

    Improve adults and children’s awareness and knowledge of healthy eating and keeping fit


    » Course will use football as practical delivery method i.e. fitness sessions will link to techniques footballer use to keep fit
    » Healthy eating sessions will focus on types of food footballers eat in training/before matches

    Success will be...432 adult and children will improve awareness and knowledge and healthy eating and keeping fit

    Aim 3

    Enable parents and carers to interact positively with their children and support them in learning


    » Communication skills will incorporate practical techniques used in football coaching so families learn together
    » Extra support will be given by Learning Mentor for learners who experience difficulty completing workbook
    » Foundation staff will ensure courses are interactive and fun so families enjoy experience of learning together i.e. using quizzes, fun tests
    » Feedback from course tutors about engagement between adults and children

    Success will be...216 parents/carers will interact positively with their children and support them in learning

    Aim 4

    Give adults access to further learning opportunities and skills development to increase life chances


    » Once engaged, Local Authority Family Learning Teams and Foundation staff will work closely together to ensure awareness of other courses available
    » End of course evaluation forms to ask what areas adults are interested in developing in

    Success will be...216 adults a year will have access to further learning opportunities and skills development

  • Impact


    Family Football will help to break elements of the ‘poverty cycle’ and reduce exclusion in disadvantaged areas. It will primarily focus on structured activities to raise achievements in families, developing new skills and confidence, and indirectly introducing them to literacy and numeracy.

    We will demonstrate success through monitoring participation figures against targets and through parent, child and tutor feedback.


    There is a risk of not recruiting participants. To reduce this risk, the Foundation is using its current links with schools and Local Authority Family Learning Teams to identity ‘warm areas’ to target who have previous links with NUFC. Rewards and incentives will also be offered to participants who take part in the whole course i.e. match tickets, player appearances.


    Donors will have access to quarterly evaluation reports that reflect qualitative and quantative feedback from participants on request and any changes to the programme. They will also receive the annual project report which measures success and outcomes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £23,383 Salaries One FT, one PT
      £13,617 Other Course resources, refreshments, publicity, printing, creche, room hire, training
      £3,000 Travel Expenses To regional projects
  • Background


    The project works in the most deprived wards of Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside and Northumberland. It targets families from disadvantaged communities using Indices of Deprivation data particularly where health deprivation/obesity/poor diet is a problem).


    The project will be a partnership with Local Authority Family Learning Teams who are based at the heart of the above communities. It will benefit disadvantaged communities, teenage parents, lone parents, families with disabled children/ children with learning disabilities, workless households, those who had negative experience of school land learning to date, families who have experienced drug and alcohol problems, families in rural isolation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Foundation has successfully delivered this 3 year project but funding runs out in Feb 2013. We have built strong relationships with learners and schools and are experts in delivering this course successfully to communities. The format of classroom based and physical activity/football works well in engaging a wide range of families to learn effectively. The experience of the delivery team allows the project to be continually reviewed and improved to make sure that outcome targets are achieved

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    Andrew Foster (Project Co-Ordinator)

    Andrew has 5 years experience as a learning sector teacher. He has a knowledge and passion for teaching and the Foundation’s aims.

    James Keep (Part Time Tutor)

    James is excellent at engaging learners and is passionate about helping families to learn.

Winner of most improved family

Winner of most improved family