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GCN Emergency Support Program

This project is to empower girls (victims & potential victims of abuse) through education; provision of legal and medical aid for sexually abused girls; sensitize girls and communities on children’s rights specifically child abuse; & give girls a chance to go back to school or get a life skill.

September 2012 - August 2015

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  • Need


    In rural areas in Uganda it is long/dangerous way to school for girls and at times they are sexually abused. Most parents quickly marry off, disown/expel sexually abused girls from homes and they drop out of school. Parents become afraid, don’t access medical/legal assistance and keep the child out of school. This project will serve girls since according to the World Bank, a staggering 70% of all those living in extreme poverty are female partly because of the injustices they face as girls.


    GCN will use a holistic approach that will involve working with the girls, parents, community leaders, health workers, teachers, police, lawyers and the judiciary to ensure girls are protected. This project will ensure that victims of abuses are provided with prompt and effective legal and medical assistance and help guard against abuses through child abuse sensitization campaigns which will educate girls and other stakeholders on child abuse and enrol girls in GCN’s counselling program.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provision of legal and medical aid for girls


    » Provide emergency rescue services to victims of abuse by establishing the first free hotline in Uganda
    » Provide temporary shelter to victims of sexual abuse
    » Develop a network of volunteer/paid medical and legal experts to help provide services with the girls’ cases

    What success will look like

    Establish a temporary shelter, rescue & assist 1,500 girls over 3 years & create a network of relevant stakeholders to provide complimentary services to girls

    Aim 2

    Empowering the community to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation


    » Conduct workshops, trainings and street theatre with victims and potential victims of abuses to raise awareness
    » Produce and disseminate information on chid abuse and children’s rights
    » Carryout campaigns against child abuse in 5 districts
    » Conduct a nationwide media advocacy campaign to raise awareness on child abuse

    What success will look like

    Conduct trainings, workshops, campaigns and media advocacy and reach out to 6,000 girls directly and 30,000 community members over 3 years

    Aim 3

    Empowering victims and potential victims of child abuse


    » Enrol girls in GCN’s counselling and rehabilitation program
    » Enrol girls back into school
    » Provide vocational skills trainings and start-up loans
    » Provide support and regular follow up to victims of sexual abuse

    What success will look like

    Provide counselling services, school fees, vocational training, start-up loans and regular follow ups to at least 1,500 girls over 3 years

    Aim 4

    Advocate for access to justice and enforcement of children’s rights in Uganda


    » Network with key law enforcement agencies at the local and national level and advocate for justice to victims of abuse
    » Follow up on cases and hold responsible authorities accountable
    » Conduct research and publish articles on the state of girls’ rights in Uganda

    What success will look like

    Follow up on all cases initiated by GCN to ensure justice is served and produce bi-annual newsletters

  • Impact


    GCN’s programs place heavy emphasis on creating and expanding local capacity to identify and respond to major risks affecting girls. The overall objective of the program focuses on transformation and improvement of the welfare, quality of life and community participation in economic, social and political activities by girls in Uganda. We propose an approach that will address all the needs of girls, including health, education, skills training, and the resources to start their own projects


    Risk Assessment and Safety Planning as out top agenda will be the starting point of our training and project implementation in order to minimize such risks and the safety of all parties is paramount. We will apply the survival tactics that we have learned through experience to deal with political motivated violence against the organisation. In particular, such violence tends to happen when we expose high profile perpetrators of rape and they retaliate as a way to cover up criminal activities.


    GCNW has created two groups for donors, one on Facebook and another on Google groups. Our principle is that of everyone participating in project implementation and so we keep dialogue from start to end of project. We send videos, audiotapes,photos,reports. We invite donors for quartely skype meeting

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £199,065

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      Amount Heading Description
      £64,700 Provision of emergency service 24 hour hotline, temporary shelter, counselling and referral services, and purchase of vehicle
      £29,800 Conduct trainings and workshop Trainings on sexual abuse held for club coordinators, girls’ clubs, community leaders in 5 districts
      £17,250 Campaign against child abuse The campaigns will be carried out in 5 districts
      £26,500 Media Advocacy GCN will run country-wide campaigns on child abuse
      £12,300 Production of materials Training materials, promotional materials, GCN Empowerment kits and publication of research articles
      £22,550 Financial Empowerment Vocational skills trainings, savings trainings, business skills trainings and micro-loans
      £25,965 Administration Staff costs, maintenance of girls rescue vehicle, and communication (15% of total budget)
  • Background


    The project will be implemented in 5 district of Uganda. This locality has been selected from the statistics and tracking reports from previous interventions of high number of sexual abuse cases in this area. There is also GCN centre that facilitates to providing of high quality of services through rescue unit for trauma survivors, counselling services for healing and empowering the victims.


    There has been increasing number of cases of sexual abuse in Uganda. Most importantly, the girls need GCN to increase our focus upon GBV as it pertains to HIV/AIDS, and issues pertaining to girls’ reproductive health, including FGM/C, rape, forced and early marriages, early pregnancy, prostitution, and menstruation without sanitary towels.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    GCN works through clubs which do not need a lot of money to run. By implementing this project through the clubs, GCN ensures that the Club Coordinators are empowered to pass on information to club members and the girls themselves are empowered through peer trainings. This ensures the long-term sustainability of the Program.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Memory Banda (BA And MSc. International Relations)

    As GCN’s Country Director for Uganda she will in this capacity coordinate, monitor, and ensure transparency of GCN’s operations in the country.

    Sara Cohen (B.A., M.A. In International Development And African Studies)

    Through her expertise in implementing similar projects in Uganda and other countries she will serve as the Programme Manager.

Workshop in Uganda

Workshop in Uganda