Project information

Renovation of additional property for more space

We rent an upstairs property and have the opportunity to acquire the same amount of space downstairs. This will allow us more and improved space for our weekly support group meetings and offer excellent storage facilities for all our equipment. This extra space will allow us to grow - it is needed!

July 2012 - January 2013

Charity information: Crazy Hats Breast Cancer Appeal

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  • Need


    We provide weekly (and daily) support for breast cancer patients and their loved ones but have limited space that has privacy. By acquiring additional space we can look to providing much improved facilities that such people deserve. At the present time we have to see visitors amidst a busy office environment which is not conducive to supporting them in the way that is needed. Our aim to is to make their visit a comforting one - a visit that will encourage them, and others, to return.


    By having extra space underneath, our current office much of the charities fundraising equipment and resources can be stored there, thus giving us quality space and privacy upstairs. We will be able to spread out and accommodate a larger number of people in more comfortable surroundings. Our volunteers will be able to work underneath us but will still be on hand to offer support and befriend visitors.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Agree to take on additional space and cost up the renovation of such. Work at raising the amount.


    » Approach our members and the wider community through our website, email, newspaper, word of mouth for support and 'sell' / publicise our project.

    What success will look like

    Success will be... seeing visitors come through our doors knowing we can look after them in a warm and comfortable enviromnent without being disturbed - giving them time and space.

  • Impact


    The long terms changes will be in offering a much better support service to local people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. With better facilities we are hopeful of attracting a larger number of people to our premises, secure in the knowledge we can cater for their needs. By word of mouth and good publicity this, in turn, will attract more fundraisers so that we can continue to support the hospitals with our pledges of support - something the charity is renowned for.


    The risks could be that we lose the opportunity to acquire extra space. Therefore, we want to act quickly to secure it and enhance the facilities; we may not have this opportunity so close at hand again. The charity has the potential to move forward in so many ways and this project is just the start of how we can get out more in the community and bring people in.


    Funders of this project will be notified by email, our website, bulletins, the press and by word of mouth. The main report to donors will be when we are in a position to open our new facility and reap the benefits. All donors will be invited to see the premises before and after.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £18,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 Windows 3 PVC windows + blinds
      £2,000 Garage door Replacement garage door
      £4,000 Heating New storage heaters/fittings/lighting
      £1,000 Admin Towards costs of seeing project through
      £1,500 Alarm System Additional alarm sensors and system
      £1,000 Decorating Decorating
      £1,000 Security Bars Security bars for windows and door
      £1,000 Storage/furniture Racking/Tables/Chairs
      £2,500 Flooring Sealing and fixing of floor
  • Background


    Our current premises are upstairs from a printers. We have the opportunity to obtain roughly the same amount of space underneath us which will allow us to store all the charity's fundraising items (gazebos etc) in the same building. At present we rent from a neighbouring firm. On fundraising days we will have much better access to all our equipment and stock, plus we can return to it the same day. Having more space will allow us better facilities upstairs for our support groups and work.


    Everyone connected with the charity will benefit. The charity is growing as are our needs for storage and office space, as well as suitable space where we meet our members, many of whom are breast cancer patients. We know that by acquiring this extra part of the building we can carry out all daily activities in a much better way. Volunteers will have more room to prepare for our events and visitors will feel more welcomed and have privacy which they do not have currently. We cannot let this go!

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our charity, which is quite unique, has been in existence for over ten years now and has an excellent following in the county of Northamptonshire. We have been in our current office for over five years but desperately need more space in order to do what we really want to do - which is to offer support, bring in more people and thus raise more funds to meet the pledges we have made with the three hospitals we support. Without such additional space we are in fear of stagnating.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Miss Glennis Hooper

    Founder of the charity back in 2002. Executive Fundraiser / Project Manager who puts her hand to anything that wants doing.

    Mrs Marilyn Clapham

    Present at the charity's conception. Administrator and Treasurer. Mariyn will work hand in hand with the Executive Fundraiser to support in any way.

    Mrs Heather Smith

    Chair. Trustee for 6 years. Leads team of volunteers who will ultimately use the facility - will encourage members/public to support the project.

The charity deserves this breakthrough to develop even further

President: Dr Roy Mathew - Consultant Oncologist