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‘Your Choice’ relationships and sex education

We believe each young person is valuable and are passionate about helping them make healthy choices for themselves and their futures. We want to encourage them to think critically and take responsibility for decisions they might face regarding sex and relationships.

January 2014 - December 2014

Charity information: Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre

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  • Need


    Teenage pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted infection rates in the UK are among the highest in Western Europe. Many young people believe dangerous sex myths e.g. “you can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up” (59%) - Brook Survey 2011. Sex and relationships education in schools is at best patchy. Without an alternative, young people learn about sex through internet pornography, which can lead to unrealistic and exaggerated expectations of sex, body image and relationships.


    Our ‘Your Choice’ course aims to let teenagers know that “It’s OK to say ‘No’” and covers self-esteem, what makes a “good” relationship and what is abuse, pressure from peers and the media (including internet pornography), and ways to help them stand up for themselves. They also learn about our listening service for those with unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss (including post abortion), free pregnancy testing and contraception so that should they need our support they know how to find us.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Teach ‘Your Choice’ sex and relationships education in 6 local secondary schools


    » Recruit, train, and support volunteers to help deliver this course.
    » Liaise with schools to organise timetabling of course.
    » Deliver 3 lessons or a 1 day course to pupils in Year 8/9/10 in 6 schools
    » Ask pupils and staff to feedback to help monitor and improve course

    Success will be training enough volunteers to teach 3 lessons/ 1 day to teenagers in 6 secondary schools (approx 850 pupils) and receiving positive feedback from pupils and staff.

    Aim 2

    Inform teenagers about our unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss services


    » Explain about these services as part of 'Your Choice@ course and hand out information about these on a business card.

    Teenagers at schools where we teach sex and relationships will know where to find our support about unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss if they or a friend/relation needs it

  • Impact


    Schools won’t give information about pupils regarding teenage pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted infection. However, feedback indicates long term changes are likely - “This surely must have an impact on reducing teenage pregnancy in the local area.” (Teacher), “It has given me second thoughts on the choices I would have made in the future” (Pupil), “I learnt a lot and now feel more confident” (Pupil). Pupils we’ve taught have come for pregnancy crisis support and also brought friends.


    There is a risk that we can’t find or retain enough volunteers. We have dealt with this by having staff and a trustee who are able to teach if necessary. Also, we have recently successfully piloted running the course as a 1 day session rather than 3 lessons, which will make it easier for volunteers to be available.


    Donors to this project will receive an annual report on the project including details on the feedback from pupils and staff. This report can be be produced more frequently where required

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £37,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £30,350 Salaries 5 part time staff
      £1,850 Volunteer Expenses, training, phone
      £4,800 Overheads Office costs
  • Background


    We are based in Twickenham and will teach in schools in Richmond and Hounslow boroughs. We have taught in Richmond since 2002 and started teaching in Hounslow in 2011. There are 3 schools in Hounslow and 2 in Richmond who have already requested that we return to teach their pupils and we are currently in discussions with another potential school


    Teenagers in Years 8/9/10 at secondary schools in Richmond and Hounslow boroughs. Secondary schools don’t have funding to provide sufficient good quality sex and relationships education. Teenage pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted infection rates are particularly high in Hounslow. Recent NHS and council cuts which included council Teenage Pregnancy Units make our services even more essential.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been delivering ‘Your Choice’ sex and relationships education for 10 years. There is no other organisation in the area doing what we do. The schools we work in are keen for us to return each year. Also OFSTED has recommended that this teaching is best provided by outside agencies. Teachers have commented that pupils will ask our educators questions that they would be very unlikely to ask their teachers.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rachel Ridley

    Originally a secondary school teacher Responsible for training volunteers to deliver high quality teaching to teenagers about relationships and sex

    Anne Wallace

    Our Centre Director with a background in teaching and able to teach ‘Your Choice’ when we don’t have enough volunteers to cover lessons.

    Amanda Cameron

    Originally a secondary school teacher, and has volunteered as an Educator for 3 years.

    Sue Petrie

    Is a Trustee who has also been a volunteer fundraiser, listener and educator for our charity.

“It boosted my confidence and I would definitely say “no” to sex.”