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Bingle Jells

The Pyramid of Arts Youth Group is for young people with learning disabilities and their non disabled peers to collectively produce pieces of art, drama or music that are performed and shared with the communities in Leeds. "Bingle Jells" is a festive musical project, Christmas Carols with a twist!

August 2012 - December 2012

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  • Need


    Transitioning from childhood to adulthood can be difficult. For young people with disabilities and communication differences this can be especially tough. An inability to express emotion can lead to an increase in frustration and behaviours that can be challenging. The opportunities to engage positively with non-disabled peers within their communities can be limited. This leads to a lack of understanding of 'difference' and further isolates young people and segregates communities.


    "Bingle Jells" is a project which supports young people with and without disabilities to get together to create music and to encourage individual expression. Each member of the group is supported to make their contribution to the process of choosing songs, performing and recording them. The performances increase awareness within the communities of the talents of the performers and challenges the preconceptions of a disabled artist. Proceeds from the performances are redirected back to the group.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support young people to express themsleves to ease friction caused by communication differences


    » Run weekly sessions for disabled and non disabled young people to choose and rehearse the Christmas songs of their choice between August and November
    » Stage performances of Bingle Jells at local community venues throughout the festive season in December
    » Record a selection of songs at a local recording studio in November,increasing the young people's understanding of the planning and recording process

    What success will look like

    Success will be...12 young people supported to choose, rehearse and perform at 2 local community venues and the production of a CD of songs

  • Impact


    Bonds between the group will lead to a reduction in isolation and frustration of the members. Individuals will have improved confidence in their ability to express themselves. Local communities will have an increased knowledge of the abilities of their young people and will have a changed perception of disability.
    The youth group will continue to look for further opportunities to perform their songs. Success will be future public performances through 2013 funded by money raised by Bingle Jells


    There is a risk that performers may not be ready to perform by December. We have dealt with this by identifying rehearsal times, spaces and support.
    There is a risk that the performances might not be well attended. We have dealt with this by planning the project in line with our marketing plan and through out developing relationships with local venues and press


    Funders will receive a monthly report on progress being made in the planning and rehearsals of the project, publicity material for the performances, invitations to the performances and a copy of the CD

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £7,605

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,680 rehearsal sessions Holding 18 weekly planning and rehearsal sessions from August to November
      £2,075 venue hire and performance cos Hire of venue for public performancesCosts associated with the performances e.g accessible travel co
      £850 recording and printing of CDs Costs associated with the recording of the CD e.g. studio time, engineer costs
  • Background


    Over recent years efforts have been made to regenerate the Holbeck area. The most notable scheme is the Holbeck Urban Village, which is expected to attract investment of around £800 million and create around 5,000 jobs. However, the area surrounding the 'Village' is deprived and run down. We aim to harness the opportunities coming into the area to ensure local communities and vulnerable people outside of the Village also benefit from the positive changes of their local environment.


    The performers in the youth group will benefit from the experience of performing and recording their music and from an increase in confidence. Local venues will benefit from the new audiences being attracted through their doors. The local community will benefit from the positive publicity and profile of the area. Audiences will benefit from the experiences of hearing new and different voices. Parents and carers will benefit from the respite break and being able to enjoy their child's achievement

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Pyramid of Arts has been in existence for over 20 years working with learning disabled artists in the Leeds area. We have built up a network of contacts and partners across the city in the different arts media and venues. We have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality, exciting public facing art across a variety of communities.

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    Julia Piggott

    Julia is the Artistic Director at Pyramid, and a founding member of staff. She is a professional musician with a theatrical background.

    John Kennedy

    John is the Co-ordinator for the youth group and young adults group. John will provide the framework for the staff and volunteer team.

    Rachel Koivunen

    Rachel is the Business Development Manager at Pyramid and will monitor and feedback of the progress of the project.

The Bingle Jingle!