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The Generation Rwanda Scholarship Programme

By giving highly talented orphans and other socially vulnerable young people the chance to attend university in Rwanda, we hope to help create a new generation of leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who will achieve their full potential and help transform Rwanda’s future.

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  • Need


    42% of young Rwandans are either unemployed or underemployed. Meanwhile, employers can’t find workers with the right skills. There are acute skills gaps in many areas crucial to Rwanda’s development. Educating the workforce is vital for the growth of Rwanda’s economy and the stability of the Rwandan society, yet only 5% of the population have access to university education.


    We give talented youth access to university education and to all the support and training they need to successfully graduate and find employment. We focus on building the critical and creative thinking skills employers want, and that make the university experience about more than just learning for a degree. Our recent graduates are already hard at work transforming Rwanda and we want more to join them.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    improve university access for highly talented but socially vulnerable young people.


    » Carry out a countrywide search to find the brightest and most motivated young people who require assistance to be able to attend university.
    » Make application forms available online and across Rwanda at a number of partner organisations, selected schools and orphanages.
    » Offer highly talented orphans and other socially vulnerable young people the opportunity to participate in our programme .

    The programme currently has 96 students and 146 graduates and the success of our programme is demonstrated by the caliber and success of its graduating students.

    Aim 2

    strengthen the skilled and educated Rwandan workforce


    » Provide the selected students with one of the most comprehensive university scholarship programmes in Africa.
    » Offer a core scholarship consisting of tuition support, monthly stipend, housing, health care (physical and mental) and advising and tutoring.
    » Offer additional training focused on improving analytical skills, critical thinking and creativity as well as internship opportunities.
    » Support the students in every way that we can to make it possible for them to succeed academically and professionally.

    We have a 98% graduation rate and the long-term employment rate is 98%. Our 146 graduates include 11 engineers, 3 dentists,3 teachers, 4 journalists, 8 lawyers and 4 nurses.

    Aim 3

    facilitate equal access to university education for women.


    » Make sure that at least 50% of our students are women.

    50% of our students and 60% of our graduates are female. This is to be compared to a 29% enrolment of women within Rwandan universities.

    Aim 4

    support Rwanda’s effort to pull the country out of poverty by building a knowledge-based economy.


    » Select students who demonstrate outstanding talent and a wish to contribute to the rebuilding of Rwanda.
    » Add highly qualified and skilled graduates to the Rwandan work force.
    » Use Rwanda-based universities for our students so they are more likely to stay in Rwanda and able to build important networks.

    Many graduates find careers at the highest levels of the economy and our graduates include university lecturers, a district attorney and founders of a successful consulting firm.

  • Impact


    We change the lives of our students and they go on to change Rwanda as doctors, journalists, engineers and economists. Knowledge is a key driver for development as well as an important factor for the stability of society as a whole and our students will contribute to a stronger and more stable Rwanda. Our students’ graduation results and employment as well as on-going tracking will demonstrate the impact of our project on their lives and our students’ impact on Rwanda’s development.


    Operating in Rwanda involves certain political and social challenges that can only be overcome by empowering and educating the people of Rwanda to continually drive for positive change. The project itself has been affected by rising costs due to inflation, policy changes and challenging employment markets for our students. We have dealt with this by raising additional resources, building good relationships with education officials and increased focus on our students’ employability.


    We have an advanced student tracking system measuring each student's day-to-day performance, university grades, starting salary, employment etc. and the results can easily be shared with our donors via e-mail newsletters and our website giving them a real-time insight into student performance.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £28,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £13,350 Annual tuition Support for tuition, fees and books for 5 students for 3 years
      £6,150 Monthly stipend Stipend to provide for personal needs or the needs of extended family for 5 students for 3 years
      £5,700 Housing & IT Housing and IT for 5 students for 3 years
      £1,500 Health services Mental and physical health care for 5 students for 3 years
      £1,800 Various training Career training £1,050, language training £570 and entrepreneurship £180, 5 students, 3 years
  • Background


    Rwandans are following an ambitious national development plan to pull the country out of poverty and conflict. The plan includes the creation of a knowledge-based economy and Rwanda has embarked on a major effort to develop its intellectual capital through education, but access to higher education remains a major problem with 95% of the population having no access. As a consequence, there is a shortfall of qualified workers within most professions, including engineers, doctors and teachers.


    The students will benefit by increased skill levels, employability, earnings etc. and as our students lives improve, so will the lives of their families. Our students become engineers, doctors, nurses, journalists, lawyers, economists, architects and more, and go on to improve the communities they work in. Rwanda as a whole will also benefit from a contribution of skilled and critically thinking young people, who will help the country develop and move away from its violent past.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Generation Rwanda was established as the direct result of conversations with orphanages in Rwanda to address the problem socially vulnerable young people face when they leave secondary education and has developed into one of the most comprehensive and high-performing scholarship programmes in Africa. We have almost ten years’ experience of working in Rwanda and this has given us an in-depth understanding of the needs of our students and what employers in Rwanda look for.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Charles Rukikanshuro

    Charles, our country director in Rwanda, has been part of the Generation Rwanda team since 2007.

    Jackson Vugayabagabo

    Jackson is our career development officer and, as a Generation Rwanda graduate himself, he is very well placed to advice and guide our students.

    Hanna Fanning

    Hanna is our volunteer executive director.

Generation Rwanda has played a big role in shaping who I am today but most importantly who I will be tomorrow.

Ugirase Sybille, graduate Kigali Health Institute