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Circus for everyone

We are doing well in terms of making our space available to everyone but we have problems around our kitchen and storage facilities - they are not adequate for young children and disabled people. We need this resolving so that we can deliver more/longer sessions in education and personal development

August 2014 - September 2014

Charity information: Hangar Arts Trust

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  • Need


    Our building has a kitchen that was put in when it was built but it is no longer suitable for our growing space and not very easy to use for people children and people with disabilitys . They manage - but that is not what we want people to have to do. We have had requests from parents, guardians and schools to provide secure storage for the children s belongings


    We will instal a new easy to use and access kitchen which are suitable and of the highest standard for children and disabled people. We will instal lockers so people can spend time in our space without worrying for the possessions.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Produce a design plan for the work


    » Work with our disabled and youth community to ensure that every tiny detail is dealt with so that we get the best job done.

    Success will be a design plan document that is signed off the the board, our young people and our disabled friends.

    Aim 2

    Improve skills base and learning


    » We will use this small capital project as a learning opportunity for our volunteers who will be involved in the project plan/implementation

    Success will be two volunteers signed up to shadowing the project from beginning to end

  • Impact


    This project will allow us to secure our work with schools and community groups. The project will have a positive effect on the way in which and the number of young and disabled people that we can work with. This additional work will improve the financial sustainability of the charity and most importantly increase the volume work we can do and the quality of the experience for users.


    There is a risk that works are done then the young people/disabled friends point out that we have overlooked some of their needs. We will overcome this by the design report that we will produce with the disabled and young people and by including them in the project management process. There is a also risk that we are not experienced in procuring building works and as such may not get the best value or the best work


    We will report to donors via our newsletter and website. There will be a spend report with photographic records and a grand opening.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £800 design report design report
      £2,000 plumbing plumbing
      £1,800 electrical and Fire electrical and fire
      £2,600 Kitchen equipment
      £1,000 building work building work
      £1,000 cosmetic decorating and fittings
      £3,000 lockers purchasing and installing
      £2,000 materials raw materials for woodwork and units
      £800 flooring new floor for kitchen
  • Background


    We are located in Woolwich Riverside, South East London, an inner city working class area of tower blocks and social housing (70% council owned), in England’s 10% most deprived boroughs. Transport is poor. Over 1200 people claim severe disability allowance and some 2000 local children are living with disability. As local providers of inspirational activities to young people and the disabled we need to offer the best standards and facilities possible.


    We will be able to offer better facilities to disabled people and children. Both groups will be able to get more and longer access to our projects and programmes; and as a result more disabled and young children will become physically fitter, psychologically stronger, better connected socially, more confident and better prepared for seeking out and securing meaningful work in the long term. We see our organisation as being part of the support function for the next generation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Why Us?
    We run this huge and exciting fully rigged circus premises. We are experienced, sensitive, circus-skill teachers and health professionals. We are passionate about bringing the physical, artistic, vocational and social opportunity of circus to all. We already welcome over 1000 children and young people every year but given the importance of sport and creative expression we must operate to our full capacity.

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    Katharine Ford

    CEO of HAT, psychologist, trained counsellor, ex-gymnast, fundraiser and business advisers to social enterprises, creative industries and charities

    Alex Frith

    Chair of HAT, dyslexic, ballet dancer, circus performer, creative director with 20 yrs experience of creating shows and teaching the young & disabled

    Anna Duncan

    HAT Project manager, dyslexic, BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance, performer, artist, events manager and film maker