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Empowerment of rape victims in Zimbabwe

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October 2012 - September 2013

Charity information: Girl Child Network Worldwide

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  • Need


    Over the past years, babies, toddlers and generally girls under 12 years have been targeted by HIV positive men who think HIV and AIDS can be cured by blood of virgins. Daily our project partner, Girl Child Network Worldwide received at least ten cases per day of girls raped. It is disturbing to note that there are no rape therapy and counselling programs for girls of this age. The big problem is the huge number of girls growing up with post traumatic disorders and psychological challenges.


    Girl Child Network Worldwide through its partner Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe wants to strengthen service provision and set up a comprehensive rape crisis and counselling therapy program that helps girls to go through rape therapy. We have Girls Empowerment Villages where we need trained counselors, medical and educational staff to take girls through therapy as well as provide basic needs in education and medical care. We have piloted a project in art therapy for children which has worked.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Conduct group and one on one rape therapy and counselling sessions for sexually abused girls


    » Run group counselling sessions for girls in three Girls Empowerment Villages weekly with a qualified counsellor using art as therapy
    » Launch mobile private and confidential mobile counselling services for rape survivors in marginalised areas of Zimbabwe
    » Facilitate reintegration workshops for sexually abused girls with other girls in girls empowerment school based clubs

    What success will look like

    Success will be at least 50 girls per month in our shelters with written stories on healing ,healthy, brighter and back in school.

    Aim 2

    Facilitate social reintegration of sexually abused girls with families, school and communities


    » Run one on one as well as group counselling sessions for parents and community leaders in school, churches, medical centres and social services
    » Facilitate formation of child monitoring committees that include that include chiefs, teachers, police and all stakeholders to oversee reintegration
    » Provide basic needs in food,shelter,medical assistance and educational needs like school fees and uniforms

    What success will look like

    Success will be at least 25 girls per month fully reintegrated into their families and no girl escaping violence from home again. Reduced readmission rate at shelters.

    Aim 3

    Create awareness and community mobilisation on rape therapy and locally based counselling services


    » Run Everyone a Counsellor workshops to educate families and community members on the effects of rape and sexual abuse on young girls
    » Train,register and certify community based leaders on local leaders for healing and transformation.
    » Run workshops for school teachers on how to handle girls who have been raped and use of referal network for professionals

    What success will look like

    Success will be 500 certified community leaders in five areas of operation who are certified as basic counsellors and therapists. A clear referral network created and effective.

  • Impact


    Rape therapy and counselling for rape victims has never been available to poor and marginalised girls who are traumatised.This is the first time to deal with post traumatic disorders detrimental to their health and poor education performance. This will help the girls lead happy and healthy lives and grow to their full potential.Stigma attached to rape and persecution of rape victims and not perpetrators will end. When everyone is a counsellor, everyone heals, becomes bright, active and vibrant.


    Zimbabwe is a country about to go into elections and it is known such elections can be violent and disturb the operations of charities who are at times suspected to be in sympathy with the opposition. The whole project can be misinterpreted and get banned. To deal with such a situation we have always made strict rules that our partners focus on helping girls and to avoid any situations where their political affiliation can affect the charity. Staying out of political activity avoids trouble.


    GCNW has created two groups for donors, one on Facebook and another on Google groups. Our principle is that of everyone participating in project implementation and so we keep dialogue from start to end of project. We send videos, audiotapes,photos,reports .We invite donors for quartely skype meeting

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £48,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Basic needs for girls Provision of medication,food,shelter,school fees for girls on reintegration
      £15,000 Counsellors feess Fees for 12 professional staff,trainers and Girl Child Monitors
      £5,000 Counseling workshops Running ten counseling workshops for five communities
      £5,000 Girls Empowerment costs Running costs for four Girls shelters-135 girls per month
      £4,000 Training materials Fliers,manuals,files, Girls Empowerment kits,books
      £4,000 Training peer counselors Run ten workshops for girls who want to counsel other girls
      £5,000 Administration Staff costs,mantainance of girls vehicle,communication with partner,reporting to donors
  • Background


    The project is coordinated from our partner headquarters in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Chitungwiza is a high density suburb 30 miles out of Harare. There is 90% unemployment and HIV and AIDS prevalence amongst girls is 60%. The other three Girls Empowerment Villages that provide shelter to sexually abused girls are situated in Hwange, Rusape and Chihota all of them between 100 to 800 miles from Harare the Capital City of Zimbabwe.


    Chitungwiza is the first place that is most accessible to girls who call for help after being sexually abused. Due to large influx of girls in desperate need of shelters our partner has created four Girls Empowerment Villages where the girls are admitted for long term rehabilitation.Girls who benefit in our project are orphaned, HIV positive and school drops who have no functional family to turn to for help. They come from areas with harmful cultural practices and with no basic services.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe the project we support is a multi global award winner whose model of empowerment of girls won United Nations Red Ribbon at the International Aids Conference. Our Girl Child Empowerment Model is hailed as a best practice and documented as a practice by University of Essex and the recently launched On The Up Project. We have a record of delivering life changing programs for girls with cost effective strategies. The whole amount elsewhere could have paid one counselor

    Read more about the Charity running this project.



    Pavla is our Quality and Development manager and evaluator who ensures every program developed is of high quality and transforms lives of girls.

    Edinah Masanga

    Edinah is the Executive Director of Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe. She manages the day to day operations of the charity.

    Robina Chimowa

    She is a degreed counsellor and a child specialist who uses art as therapy. She will train communities and girls in counselling.

    Betty Makoni

    She is the Chief Executive Officer who helps with program design and implementation. Over ally in charge of the whole network.

Girls Empowerment Village -Zimbabwe

Girls Empowerment Village -Zimbabwe


Medication for HIV positive girl monthly

What happened to me should never happen to any woman or girl again

Betty Makoni-Founder Girl Child Network