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Turbi Education Support Project (TESP)

Boarding school for the underprivileged nomadic children will act as a shelter and pre-primary education & can be an useful support for the nomadic family due to their mobile lifestyle caused by the increasing poverty. It includes inpiring the new generation to raise their voice for child education.

December 2012 - December 2013

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  • Need


    In Kenya,many schools are facing closures in the mid-school term due to lack of food and water. Many rural schools can not admit new entrants due to lack of logistic support. Children sharing beds in three’s and others sleeping on the bare floors being the common practice in many places. In some areas, hundreds of children are squeezed in small rooms built of iron sheets where temperatures raises up to 47°C. This is not only causing discomfort but also raising hygienic issue for the learners.


    For education of nomadic children,the main disputed issue is paying school fees and a safe place as a shelter.We intend to bring these two supports under one umbrella from where the nomadic children can continue with their education with out any botheration related to safe place to study.Along side,parents would be happy enough to educate their children without any extra cost. Children associated with this project are tension free from their basic needs as it would be fulfilled by this project.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Educate the Nomadic children by providing them school and lodging facilities.


    » Boarding school is a good option for education and effective in socialising nomadic children away from their difficulty lists.
    » Supporting schools through nutrition and food supplies to rural schools to enhance enrolment, retention and transition from lower to higher levels.
    » Open entry library facility is also a way to remove the darkness of illiteracy among the nomadic children

    Demonstrating success would combine several nomadic children will get education through this project, without having any financial burden to their parents.

    Aim 2

    Create awareness to understand the importance of education for Nomadic children.


    » Mobile schooling facility nearby the water points, as the nomadic families gather there to collect water for their household purposes.
    » Boarding school is usually the only viable option to stop early marriages, which are widely practiced in the nomadic community
    » Voluntary activities will create an awareness to educate a girl which can reduce three times less likely to become HIV-positive.
    » Showing the evidence to the parents that an educated girl can earn up to 25 percent of her family expenditure.

    Reducing number of early marriages,HIV+ patients & less Social crime can be a part of our success as we will put our best effort to create awareness to reach at the mentioned aim.

  • Impact


    We want to remove the perception that ‘No Money, No Education’. Long-term continuation of the project will definitely encourage parents to send their children at Boarding School for better educated future. It will help to remove superstitions from the society.To demonstrate the success of this project, we will monitor the increasing number of nomadic children enrolled for education. The measurement of success can be observed in the reducing percentage of social crime and other vulnerabilities


    Natural disasters are the main risks to accommodate the children in school.The severe affect of drought cause situations where there is insufficient supplies of food. If schools close,children are put in ultimate risk, they become vulnerable and the risk of death is very real in those situations.
    Serving food at schools can motivate parents to enrol their children & by operating as life-saving centers in communities where food is increasingly scarce during draught.


    Through social network, donors will get a continuous update about the ongoing and forthcoming activities of this project with the stories of nomadic students and will receive quarterly newsletter if any important changes have been made to the project plans.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £19,287

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,965 Accommodation rent Yearly rent for the premises for the education of children
      £2,961 Salary and Wages Yearly salary for General labourer,Night watchman,Cook,House Mother,Standby Doctor
      £8,464 Food and Medical Yearly cost of Food and Medical facility inculding First Aid treatment
      £965 Education material Yearly cost of books and stationaries for children education
      £967 Clothing & Utilities 3 dresses/student/year. Light,Heating,Firewood,Water,Phone,Internaet,Fax
      £965 Recreation and contingency Yearly picnic for school children and parents-teachers meeting.
  • Background


    Nomads make up a significant part of the population of Kenya, but are falling behind in formal education. In North and North Eastern Region alone 70 percent of school age children are not in education. The problem is the poor attendance and graduation rates of nomadic children in school. This region is reluctant in learning about the cultural, social and economic world available to them. This is due to lack of opportunities, flexibility, convenience and effective system of education.


    All nomad children living within nomadic livelihood systems or directly involved in pastoral production will get the benefit by developing a system that extends good quality formal education, without undermining the children’s economic and social position in those livelihood systems. Education programmes for nomads tend to be an extension of those designed for sedentary people, and are based on a simple adaptation of sedentary models to some aspects of nomadic life.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are currently supporting infrastructure development of schools; through construction of classrooms,dormitories,dining halls and provision of teaching and learning materials. In the wake of the cyclically recurring episodes of the droughts, the entire populations including children in schools are facing serious food deficiencies resulting into premature closure of schools due to lack of water and food. We support schools with nutritious food to enhance the enrolment of student in school.

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    Chantell Witten

    She has been working for the last 10 years in the respective sector maintaining resposibilities of Programme Management.

    Wario Adhe

    He has practical experience of 8 years in the charity sector performing the responsibilities of Programme Management.

    Abdul Muyeed

    He has 20 years of experience in Charity and Not-for-Profit sector in financial and administrative management.

Nomadic children ready to enter at their classroom

Nomadic children ready to enter at their classroom


Will pay a child's Books & Stationeries for 1 year

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