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Project information

The Listening Bus

The Listening Bus is NDCS on wheels! It travels across the country to support deaf children and families who need it most.

After 8 years of service, the bus is now coming to the end of it's life. Our vision is to create an interactive, modern and fun bus to engage more people across the UK/

1 Year

Charity information: The National Deaf Children's Society

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  • Need


    Since 1996, NDCS launched a brilliant service, the Listening Bus, to reach communities across the UK who needed support and advice, but also to raise awareness. Throughout the years, it has travelled 9,000 miles a year on average and saw 7,000 visitors a year.

    The current bus has been in operation for 8 years and with constant repair is just about managing to continue travelling the country. We are also aware that the bus needs to be interactive and modern to be inviting to visitors.


    Over the next year, NDCS aims to commission a new bus which will be more interactive, fun and exciting for visitors. The bus will showcase new hearing related technology for deaf children to test, stock a range of free publications and provide training sessions for deaf children and hearing children. It will continue to visit schools and clinics, but it will also be used to help us campaign and be the voice for deaf children and their families. The bus will support fundraising activities too.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    The Listening Bus

    To create a new, interactive and fun Listening Bus.


    » Throughout the year, we will be seeking funding for a new bus to continue this important service and continue to bring NDCS to all communities.

    What success will look like

    Success will be receiving full funding for a new bus to be on the road in 2014. We want to see more visitors on the bus and visit new schools.

  • Impact


    We will demonstrate success by highlighting the areas who are in need of our services and ensure that visit happen to those locations. We also will measure success by the number of new visitors to the bus who have benefited from a publication they've received or a deaf children seeing what new technology is available to them.

    The long term change will be society to become more deaf aware. Our vision is for deaf children to be included by society and reach their full potential.


    One of the main risks for us at the moment is being unable to source capital costs for the bus. The bus is often in need of repair which means it is out of action more than before and the cost repair is increasing. We know how valuable this service is and over the next two years, NDCS will be working hard to find the funding needed to continue this service.


    We will report to donors by recording the locations of where the bus travels to outline we are covering the areas highlighted as needed our support. We will also record the number of visitors to the bus and what their queries/concerns and why they need our support.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £175,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £175,000 Listening Bus Capital cost of a new bus
  • Background


    The bus will travel across the UK and we are hoping to cover more miles with this new bus. As mentioned before, the bus travelled 9,000 a year on average and we want the new bus to cover the same distance, if not more.


    Deaf children across the UK will benefit from the bus because they will have access to information they may have not had before.
    Mainstream schools will also benefit as we will organise deaf awareness training on the bus.
    The general public will benefit as they will become more deaf children and understand that with the right support, deaf children and young people can achieve the same as hearing children.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    NDCS is the only charity who supports deaf children have a brighter future. We empower deaf children, young people and their families to determine what happens in their lives and shape the services they receive.
    We aim to increase awareness for deaf children and young people and challenge social attitudes which prevents deaf children for achieving their full potential.
    We influence key decision makers to make deaf children and young people a political priority.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    NDCS Listening Bus Team

    We have a Listening coordinator, a 2 road show assistants who travels the country will the bus.