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the Nativity

We are staging a brand new original musical production of the well known Nativity story. We will produce a high quality production that re-tells this age old story in a modern, relevant way . Using original songs and a fresh script we seek to put Jesus back at the heart of Christmas.

September 2012 - December 2012

Charity information: E-quip Community Arts Project

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  • Need


    We live in a culture where many people do not know the basic stories of the Christian faith and how these beliefs can have a profound impact on their life. Many people do not know who Jesus is, why he came to earth or what he achieved in that time and why it is still making a difference in the lives of millions of people across the world


    We seek to communicate the core message of the Christian faith through the performing arts by staging high quality productions that tell these basic in relevant ways that engage peoples interest and allows them to then make informed decisions about the a belief in God.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To creatively communicate the Christmas story through an original, high quality musical production.


    » Stage the brand new musical production of the Nativity in Southampton Guildhall over four performances, using a cast of actors, dancers and singers.

    What success will look like

    Success will be... seeing over 4,000 people fill the venue over the run of the show to witness a memorable production that challenges them to think about their own faith and belief

    Aim 2

    To offer opportunities for people to be involved in a large scale production and grow in confidence.


    » Include a variety of people in our cast, dancers and orchestra who ordinarily would not get to be involved in such a large scale, professional show.

    What success will look like

    Success will be... seeing our cast grow in confidence and thrive on this opportunity. Building self esteem in individuals as they achieve something great by their involvement.

  • Impact


    We hope that our production will challenge people to think about their beliefs and faith and maybe begin a journey of discovering what God can mean for them. This could have life changing effects on people.

    For those involved on stage it can open up opportunities for further performance and pursuing a new venture in the arts. It will also give people more confidence generally to strive to achieve new things and pursue a dream that they may have.


    There is a risk that cast members could be unavailable for a variety of reasons. We have dealt with this by casting understudies for our key roles who will step in.
    There is a risk that no-one will come to see the production but we are working closely with the network of churches in the city to ensure that they encourage people to come along and bring friends and neighbours. Our desire is to offer free tickets to the event so that it remains completely accessible to all people.


    We can report on numbers of people that have been through the doors and seen the production. We can report on numbers of volunteers who have worked with us to stage the event. We can gather testimonies of cast members about their experiences of being involved in a large scale project

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £44,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,500 Venue Hire Southampton Guildhall for 5 days
      £28,000 Technical Video screens, Lighting and Sound
      £4,000 Publicity Bus adverts, Posters, flyers, programmes

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Esther Williams £200 Guaranteed
    Carol Cunio £200 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We want to offer this production for anyone living in the city of Southampton, but particularly to those who would not be able to afford the luxury of a trip to the mainstream theatre for a show.
    We want this production to be an opportunity for all people to see a high quality piece of entertainment that will encourage them and inspire them


    Those who are involved with the production will benefit from being part of something memorable and achieving a great goal.
    Those who come and see the production will benefit as they are entertained at this important time of year but they will also be witnessing a 'world premier' of a brand new musical, which we hope will challenge them to think about their own beliefs.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have the experience and skills base in order to produce a high quality production like this. We also have a reputation for quality after our previous event in 2011 and we have the brand now that people want to be involved with.
    We have a number of skilled people already signed up for various aspects of the production and we are looking to network with more local agencies and groups to stage a great event

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    Neil Maddock

    Writer and Director of the Nativity. Responsible for the script of the production and working with the actors to achieve the desired outcome

    Phil Le Cheminant

    Song Writer and Assistant Director. Responsible for the writing of the music for the production and for all the video aspects of the show.

    Nathan Hattersley

    Musical Director. Responsible for arranging the score for the production and building the orchestra and conducting the musicians

    Robyn Jane Parsons

    Choreographer. Responsible for recruiting the dancers for the show and planning and teaching the movement for the characters and dancers