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Cool2Care in the UK

Cool2Care CIC is a not for profit organisation supported by (and the inspiration for) Cool2Care Foundation. Founded by the father of a disabled child after struggling for over 2 yrs to find support for his family, in 5 years it has supported over 1500 families with disabled children across England.

April 2013 - March 2014

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  • Need


    There are 770,000 disabled kids in the UK, yet only 1 in 13 disabled children receive Local Authority support (less than 8%!). This means that 12 of 13 get no support! THE IMPACT ON FAMILIES IS DEVASTATING: Families with disabled kids are twice as likely to live in poverty; 56% of parents with disabled children report a lack of sufficient childcare; 80% of families say they are 'at breaking point'; 65% feel isolated frequently or all of the time. Cool2Care is lead by parent & knows how to help!


    By using an innovative recruit, screen, train and match model, Cool2Care cic provides training for people who have expressed an interest in becoming Personal Assistant's for disabled children/young people, and connects them with like-minded families who are seeking support. This personalised system promotes long-term support for families, consistent support for disabled children/young people, quality training & experience for job seekers, whilst giving families control over who supports them.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Disabled children/young people will have more interaction and improved social inclusion


    » Deliver our services using our innovative recruit, screen, train & match model via Local Teams in 12 localities throughout England
    » Work closely with local authorities, social workers, & parent carer forums to meet the real needs of disabled children/young people
    » Match 500 disabled children/young people with Personal Assistants or Volunteer Befrienders annually; providing 1-1 support at home & in the community

    What success will look like

    Success will be when 600 disabled children/yp are provided with a Personal Assistant; 80% of the families reporting improved social interaction for their child.

    Aim 2

    Family members will have less stress by gaining time through regular short breaks


    » Tender for short breaks contracts to provide quality 1-1 support via Personal Assistants so families can get short breaks from being carers
    » Consult parents and work closely with parent carer forums to gain a better understanding of how to drive our strategy to meet needs & reduce stress
    » Deliver our services using our innovative recruit, screen, train & match model via Local Teams in 12 localities throughout England

    What success will look like

    Success will be when 80% of families report having more time/week, whereby they are not acting as carer, but rather engaging in other activities they could not previously access.

    Aim 3

    Personal Assistants will gain training and employment


    » Deliver at least 40 sessions of Cool2Care Personal Assistant Training Course across12 localities in England annually; training over 600 individuals
    » Make 500 matches resulting in an employment agreement; connecting trained Personal Assistants with disabled children/young people in need of support

    What success will look like

    Success will be when 500 matches have been between a Personal Assistant and disabled child/young person and an employment contract has been signed

  • Impact


    By meeting more families’ needs at a reduced cost, our service results in a substantial savings of public funds. At the end of 3 years of Strategic Growth we will have the capacity to support 1000 families/year.

    We have developed outcomes to measure our social impact and will families and PAs trained. We also track placement numbers which will evidence our successes in a qualitative & quantiative fashion and feed into an annual report.


    Local Authorities have moved to a pay-by-results model of contracting whereby they ask for delivery on services in advance of payment.To mitigate for this risk we need to build core funds/cash reserves, a key focus of our fundraising stratey. This challenge has lead to us developing an innovation for the sector through of a mini-Social Impact Bond concept that we are currently further developing and testing.


    The Head of Fundraising manages reporting requirements and calendars; gathering input from necessary teams to feed into reports and deliver in time with deadlines. We communicate success and feedback via Facebook and Twitter and aim to have an annual report available via our website.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £645,342

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      Amount Heading Description
      £84,750 Training to train individuals to work as Personal Assistants for disabled children/young people
      £139,415 Family Liaison Managers FLMs on the local level across 12 localities
      £59,432 Recruitment Manages RMs to recruit individuals to be PAs across 12 localities
      £78,696 Regional Heads RHs to provide management and supervision to local reams across 12 localities
      £33,900 DBS Cheques Screening costs of PAs to safeguard vulnerable disabled children and young people we support
      £112,456 Finance Support for invoicing, payments, payroll, financial reporting, audit and insurance
      £67,549 HR Support advice on HR issues, safeguarding as necessary to support local teams
      £36,606 IT Support IT Manager cost, subscriptions to careforce and google, IT Equipment, phones
      £32,538 Other ostage, Printing, Stationary, Travel, Marketing/Bus Development, Meetings, Training,

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    LA Contracts £527,660 Guaranteed
    Family Placements £17,800 Guaranteed
    Independent Placement Income £2,410 Guaranteed
    Training Revenue £4,455 Guaranteed
    Workforce Development £300 Guaranteed
    DBS Cheques £500 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We operate remotely throughout England. Our teams are Managed by Regional Heads for the North, East, London, South East, South West and Midlands. We run our core services in local offices in: Cambridge, Essex, Kirklees, NE Lincolnshire, Ealing, Southwark, Lewisham, Surrey, Poole, Dorset & Bournemouth, Gloucestershire, West Sussex and Milton Keynes.


    Disabled children and young people are the primary beneficiaries of this project. Individuals seeking training and employment also benefit from the training we provide along. They will also benefit by gaining employment through our matching services. The socio-ecominic and ethnic diversity of beneficiaries is dependant on the specific locality where we operate. I.e. we have a higher rate of BME families in London than in W Sussex.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Cool2Care cic are leaders in innovation and have won several awards in recognition of their work since their foundation: Global Social Venture Competition , 2007; Barclays Startups of the Year, 2008; RADAR Disability Innovation Award, 2009; Toast of Surrey Business Award, 2010; SE100 Social Enterprise Growth Award, 2011; Big Society Award from No 10, 2012, Working Mums 2012.
    The Cool2Care Foundation has formed a partnership with Cool2Care cic to deliver social outcomes and charitable aims.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Kate Colborne-Baber

    CEO and Director of Finance; 10 years accounting and finance experience; recent recipient of Big Venture Challenge

    Alicia Lawrence

    Director of People and Operations; over 14 years in charity and HR including experience with disabled children and young people.

    Shelley Robson

    mother of disabled child; over 25 years experience in management, sales, customer service and training.

    Jacqui Parfitt

    mother of a disabled child; over 18 years experience in sales and marketing with a background working with special education needs.

Sophie and Lucy having fun

Sophie and Lucy having fun


1 hour Trainer time (full programme is 10 hrs)

Cool2Care provided me with incredible insight into working with disabled children, and have opened up a new world of opportunities for me.

Young Personal Assistant trained by Cool2Care