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Havelian -saving mothers' lives

Ammalife's Havelian project works with local taxi drivers in remote mountain villages in Pakistan to get pregnant women to medical care in life threatening emergencies. Over 3000 women are registered with us. So far there have been 331 life saving taxi journeys. £10 saves a mother & her child.

Continuous for next 3 years

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    Women in Pakistan have a 1 in 110 chance of dying in childbirth. In the UK it's 1 in 4600. Good medical care is available in towns. The problem for women in remote mountain villages is the cost of reaching the right care. Ambulances cannot run on the unmade roads. Taxis are few & costly.


    We work with local taxi drivers who agree to join the scheme. Pregnant women register with Ammalife's village health workers knowing that, in an emergency, a taxi will take them to hospital. Journeys are 2-3 hours, cars have a simple stretcher built in, payment is guaranteed on receipt of hospital records. Word is spreading and women from many more mountain villages want to sign up with Ammalife. A taxi journey can mean the difference between life & death.

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    Why Us?

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