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St Barnabas Hospice - Physiotherapy

We would like to employ a physiotherapist in the South of Lincolnshire to provide support and care for hospice patients living with life limiting illnesses. The focus of the service will be to provide an individually tailored physiotherapy program, enhancing both physical and emotional well being.

April 2013 - March 2014

Charity information: St Barnabas Hospice Trust (lincolnshire)

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  • Need


    When people are diagnosed with a life limiting illness there are often many symptoms that can affect their physical abilities even in simple daily tasks that previously they would have taken for granted. This in turn can lead to the patient focusing on things that they are not able to do leading to deterioration in mental well being which in turn can impact on their ability to manage the physical symptoms of their illness.


    The physiotherapist will be based at our Grantham hospice, providing individually tailored packages of physiotherapy, enabling patients to manage physical symptoms leading to enhance their quality of life and mental well being.
    At present we do not have this facility which is proving to be a growing need for patients accessing our Day Therapy Service South West of the county.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide each patient accessing hospice services access to tailored physiotherapy services


    » Promote the physiotherapy services to patients as part of their overall package of care, and if appropriate make arrangements for referrals.

    What success will look like

    Success will be measured in the number of patient referals to physiotherapy services as a % of those receiving care

  • Impact


    The project will improve both the physical and mental well being of patients living with a life limiting illness. We will record the numbers of patients accessing the physiotherapy services in the South of the county as a % of the patients accessing hospice services.


    As only one post is being created, there is a risk that recruitment and retention could affect the services offered. However, this risk is low and maintaining high recruitment standards on interview would alleviate this. Demand for services is likely to be high but this will be monitored to ensure those that require access to services are able to receive adequate care and support.


    We will report on the numbers of patients referred to physiotherapy as well as the numbers who have been able to access care. We would also hope to provide a number of case studies showing how the physiotherapy services have assisted patients living with the impacts of a life limiting illness.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £38,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £38,500 Salary Salary and on costs of employing a physiotherapist
  • Background


    The physiotherapist will be based at the Grantham Hospice site where we offer Day Therapy Service for the South West of the County. The Physiotherapist will be available here for one to one patients care for patients from across the South of the County and they will be able commute to those patients that are unable to attend sessions at the Hospice.


    People who are living with the impacts of a life limiting illness who reside in the south of the county.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    St Barnabas Hospice have been providing end of life care across Lincolnshire for the past 30 years. Throughout this time our services have continually evolved to ensure the needs of patients and their families are met, the physiotherapy services in the south of the county will enhance upon the quality of life for many of our patients.

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    Veronica Brien

    Fundraising Manager - Project leader for funding of this post

    Rachael Hewitt

    Corporate Fundraising - Project Assistant in obtaining funding for this project

    Jane Bake

    Director of Patient Care - Project Support in providing information on why this project is needed.