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AfriKids Child Rights: Sustainable Change

If it’s not sustainable, it’s not development.
AfriKids is committed to ensuring absolute sustainability at the individual, project and organisational level. By investing time and resources in innovative social enterprises we aim to make our partners AfriKids Ghana financially independent by 2018.

This project is on going with various time limited projects within.

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  • Need


    Many families in the Upper East Region (UER) of Ghana live a hand to mouth existence and are unable to access key services such as education or healthcare. It’s an area where most people live below the poverty line and as a result children’s rights are constantly at risk.


    AfriKids run 17 child rights projects that tackle a range of issues from child streetism and labour to harmful cultural beliefs. We also have three sustainability businesses that AfriKids Ghana own and run with the intention of generating profits. The profit from these sustainability initiatives is saved and pumped back into our child rights projects. For information on our sustainability initiatives and businesses please go to our website.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To make AfriKids Ghana fully sustainable by 2018 and do AfriKids (UK) out of business


    » To develop the AfriKids Hospital into a centre of excellence that will be sustainable in the future
    » To build an Eco-lodge that meets the growing demand for quality accommodation for international travellers in the northern region
    » Economic growth and empowerment for people living in the northern region, through development projects, training and creation of jobs
    » To increase numbers of individuals and cooperative groups supported through microfinance, helping them to become self-sufficient

    This is an ongoing project. AfriKids collects both qualitative and quantitative data to record progress and our successes.

  • Impact


    It is our long term goal that the UK office will be made redundant by 2018 with all project running costs being generated independently in Ghana. Not through charitable fundraising, but through profit making businesses. Our sustainability businesses include; the AfriKids Hospital, AfriKids clean cookstoves ‘Energy for Life Initiative’, Ethical trade partnerships and in 2012 we will be building the AfriKids Blue Sky Lodge, the first ecotourism development in the region.


    In a poor region such as the UER it is extremely challenging to establish profitable businesses. In addition access to quality services can be difficult for families living on the bread line. By establishing AfriKids sustainability initiatives and working with the Government and key partners we can offer invaluable services to those in need whilst boosting the economy and infrastructure of a specific region, making services such as medical care accessible for some of the regions poorest.


    AfriKids donors receive regular and detailed feedback on how their donations are spent to demonstrate the impact that the donation has had. We also produce a monthly newsletter detailing forthcoming activities and an annual report. AfriKids is renowned for its feedback and transparency.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £60,181

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      Amount Heading Description
      £21,387 AfriKids Hospital Equipment, resources, staffing and training
      £8,613 AfriKids Eco Lodge Equipment and resources
      £30,181 FLiSP Provision of 100 microfinance loans for individuals and groups
  • Background


    AfriKids work in the Upper East Region (UER) because statistically 70% of the people live in extreme poverty compared to 11% in Accra. We have committed to investing time and resources into making real fundamental change to the society and economy of one region. Whilst Ghana has shown itself to the international community as a shining light in Africa, the UER is significantly lagging behind in comparison to southern regions.


    Our focus is to work with children who are extremely vulnerable and disadvantaged because of issues such as extreme poverty and harmful cultural beliefs. We work with their families and communities to ensure that the care and support we provide is long lasting.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our work is genuine development from the grass roots up. We adopt a holistic approach in supporting each child which means we also work with their families to tackle the root causes of suffering. Most importantly we listen to the communities and empower them to deliver change; they truly understand the complex issues in their communities. In the words of Cletus Anaaya, Project Manager, AfriKids Ghana-“AfriKids are the people, the people are AfriKids”.

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    AfriKids Ghana

    100% of project staff are Ghanaians; our projects are locally owned by people that live and work in their communities and know the solutions.