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Abdul Basir Primary School Construction, Worsaj

Abdul Basir is a community-based school. It started as a single class for grade 1 students in a village far from the nearest formal school. Set up at the request of the villagers, each year a new class has been added. Now it teaches to grade 6 & needs a building so that students can study together.

April 2013 - October 2013

Charity information: Afghan Connection

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  • Need


    Community based education (CBE) is part of our bigger idea to support access to education for all children in the remote region of Worsaj, North East Afghanistan. It is often too far to walk to the nearest school and many children, especially girls, are denied an education as a result. CBE is a solution to this problem in a region where almost every adult woman and many of the men are illiterate and the people are determined that their children should have an education.


    Construction of a school building will transform the working environment for pupils and teachers who are currently studying in makeshift surroundings. Being able to go to school locally will give parents more confidence to allow their children, especially their daughters, to complete an education. Girls are also more likely to stay in education if there is a secure environment which a school construction would provide. Teachers are from the community and are known and trusted by parents

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Construct a school building for 91 children and 6 teachers.


    » The Community has committed free manpower as their contribution towards the school construction.
    » Construction will start in spring 2013. It will comprise the building and furnishing of a 6-room classroom block and 3 administration rooms.

    Success will be the completion of the school building. Parents will be happier to send their children to a school which is in a safe and secure environment.

    Aim 2

    Increase attendance and encourage pupils to complete their education.


    » The provision of secure school building which will encourage more children to attend school and offer them a more chance of completing their education

    Success will be an increase in school enrolment, especially of girls, a fall in drop out rates and more children overall completing their education.

    Aim 3

    Highlight CBE as an effective way for children in rural areas to have access to education


    » By supporting CBE school construction, AC will showcase it as a model of excellence and try to influence the government to be more involved.
    » Encourage and support both the community and local education authorities to lobby Government to take on the running of more CBE classes.

    Success will be government recognition of more CBE classes and taking over the running of them.

  • Impact


    If parents know their children can study in a safe environment, more children, especially girls, will complete school. More educated women will improve the quality of family life. An educated population will help to develop the overall prosperity in this poor area. AC will receive feedback on attendance levels and will observe the progress of pupils and how education starts to affect the community.


    Afghanistan has security issues and there are those who are opposed to education and especially for girls. AC partners the NGO, The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, present in the region for 30 years and trusted by the community. AC/SCA are supporting education at the request of the community. The Community has to contribute and thereby has ownership and care for the future of the school. This region has enjoyed good security and there is not a Taliban influence.


    Afghan Connection will report to donors annually. The reporting will include information on the school construction, pupil evaluation, financial records and photos.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £120,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £73,650 Materials Materials
      £24,100 Project Staff Project Managers, Local Labourers
      £11,710 Miscellaneous Transportation/Fuel/Equipment/Furnishings/Misc
      £10,940 Operating costs Operating costs
  • Background


    Worsaj is a poor district in the mountainous region of N E Afghanistan. It comprises 4 valleys, has a population of 80,000 and receives little aid. Most of the adult population are illiterate and the main source of economy is agriculture. Many men work on construction sites in Iran to supplement their income. There is no tarmac road to the area. While there are no records of any major security problems since 2001, this situation is kept constantly under review.


    The children of Abdul Basir School, their families and ultimately the community. The school will ensure education of children who might otherwise have been kept at home. The construction of the school and its benefits are part of a wider project to provide this area with teacher training, local education authority support and school construction for Government schools. Over time, AC’s aim is to fund all school constructions in Worsaj. The entire Worsaj District will benefit.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Working in Afghanistan for 10 years, AC has built 36 schools providing education to 40,000 children. AC works closely with the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) which has been present in the country for over 30 years. Committed, well respected and experienced, they know how to get things done on the ground. By channeling funds directly through the SCA, AC has been able to ensure that there is no corruption, the money raised is focused on projects and is within budget.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    SCA Engineers

    The SCA send experienced engineers into the field to plan and evaluate a project like this..

    SCA Regional Staff

    The project will be overseen by the SCA regional office in Taloqan.

    2 Afghan Connection Monitors (A Man And A Woman)

    Their aim is to make our monitoring more efficient. Duties include evaluation of the project, visits to schools, reports on progress & donor feedback.

    Dr Sarah Fane

    Dr Fane, Founder and Chairman of Afghan Connection, travels to Afghanistan twice a year to visit schools and report back to donors.