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Red Rubber Ball Foundation Education Scholarships

The Red Rubber Ball Education Scholarships enable young, often orphan Kenyan children, to continue their secondary education. We identify children who would otherwise not be in school, match them with sponsors, make payments direct to the school, and forward reports and letters to the sponsor.

January 2017 - December 2017

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  • Need


    Many children across the world are unable to attend school simply because of their family circumstances - often deprived of one or both parents by AIDS, malaria and other diseases, families struggle to earn enough to feed their children let alone pay the relatively small school fees.


    Education offers the best way out of poverty for children across the world. Our experience in Kenya is that the children appreciate and value the opportunity that a scholarship provides - many being the first in their family to benefit from a secondary education.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Our aim is simply to provide chidlren with the opportunity of a secondary school education.


    » We provide scholarships matching children who would otherwise not be able to attend school with sponsors.
    » We operate a mentoring programme so chidlren who then leave school can be matched with a business mentor to provide further guidance and support.

    What success will look like

    Success will be an increasing number of children complete the 4 years of secondary school. In 2011 we started with 1 child. By 2016 this is 122. Can we reach 150 in 2017?

  • Impact


    We simply provide the opportunity for children to complete their schooling - to have the same opportunity that other children have around the world. There are no guarentees what will happen afterwards. We make no other demands of the children. Their future is theirs. Yet we know already that the children have high aspirations, many will progress to University, to running new businesses, to supporting other children and community projects.


    We ensure that the most needy children are selected by involving someone who is local but independant of the schools to identify or verify the family circumstances of each child. The chidlren themselves must have secured a secondary school place through their success in the national primary school exams.

    Funds are paid over directly to the secondary school bank acocunts through recognised international banks. Receipts and reports are received confirming that the children are in school.


    Sponsors receive details of the child they are supporting and the school, copies of school reports and occasional letters from the child. When we have the opportunity to visit Kenya, we take small gifts and bring back photos and video of the children and schools.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £7,800

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,600 Fees of 240 15 children in District schools
      £1,800 Fees of 360 5 children in Provincial schools
      £2,400 Fees of 480 5 children in National schools
  • Background


    The children are selected from across Kenya - from the slums of Kibera in Nairobi right up to the Western Province around Lake Victoria. In 2016 we support children in 40 different schools of mixed background and abilities.


    The children who benefit are aged around 11+ when they leave primary school. They are children who have achieved primary school grades sufficient for them to be offered a secondary school place but who are unable to take up that place because of their family circumstances. Young children are required to work to help provide food for their family; for some girls they even face an early marriage. Secondary schooling provides an alternative and hope that they can escape poverty.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our charity is small but committed. We are entirely voluntary yet passionate about providing opportunites for people to develop and fulfill their talent. Any admin and fundraising costs incurred are covered completely by donations from The Red Rubber Ball Company along with 5% of all trading income from that company. We take nothing ourselves except the joy from hearing from and meeting the children we are able to support.

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    Neil Kirby

    Neil set up The Red Rubber Ball Foundation to provide opportunities for people to flourish and devotes time & energy to make this project successful.

Until we have education we will always be poor


will pay for one child's education for a year