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Education is a way out of poverty in Darfur

Education is a route out of poverty. Kids for Kids sponsors 78 Darfur villages by providing the basic things that villagers need. Mothers have asked for education for their children. The cost for a Kindergarten is £20,000. Our first opened in 2014, our 4th is opening soon. Can you fund the next?

September 2012 - December 2016

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  • Need


    98% of the women in the villages of Darfur are illiterate - they are begging us to help them to educate their children. They know that it is the best way out of poverty. The absence of education for young children means that they lack essential stimulation via the crucial formative years of their lives. We provide families with a flock of goats for milk but this also gives them a livelihood. Mothers have told us that they sell excess milk to save for school fees but it is not always enough.


    We aim to provide early years education via the provision of a kindergarten in each of our 78 villages. Currently the children in the villages are expected to help their family survive, they collect water, weed fields and herd animals. Our first Kindergarten opened in Abu Nahla in October 2014, it is the only brick built building in the village and 151 children are now attending! The whole village pulled together to build the school to reduce costs.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To improve literacy amongst young people in the villages of Darfur


    » We will provide robust early learning at each village Kindergarten. Lessons will include reading, writing and social interaction.

    Success will be young children entering adulthood with the ability to read and write.

    Aim 2

    To allow children to develop at their pace instead of having to work from a young age


    » Provide a safe place for children to learn and interact with each other.

    Success will be young children attending school on a regular basis and developing life enhancing skills through play and social interaction.

    Aim 3

    To provide children with a postive start in life and a way out of village poverty


    » The mental stimulation, physical actvities and social interaction at kindergarten will provide solid foundations for children to reach full potential

    Children will learn through mental stimulation, physical activity and constructive play. This will open their minds to new possibilities and a life outside of poverty and hardship

  • Impact


    Our project will change the outlook for children living in the villages of Darfur. By attending school they have the opportunity to realise their potential and open up a world of alternative choices that will guide them through their lives. In Oct 2014 our first school opened. The children are already experiencing new things and because their mothers have our goats, they no longer have to help with chores - the community has now taken ownership of the school to ensure sustainability.


    The kindergarten project relies on villagers buying into this scheme and taking ownership of it. Some could be unreliable We can minimise this risk by employing a Darfurian Project Manager to oversee the scheme. This means that we are managing the project from within the community that it will benefit and can minimise problems quickly from the ground. This approach has been very successful with previous projects. In our first kindergarten project, volunteers made bricks themselves!


    We report on a quarterly basis by email. The report will include an outline of costs, time-frame of work and goals achieved. There will be the opportunity for donors to interact with the kindergarten that they have helped to fund. We would encourage communication via post to the school.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,000 Building & Facilities 2 class rooms, 1 office, 2 latrines, education for 100 children for 1 year, donkey cart & bricks
  • Background


    The location for this project is in the remote villages of Darfur. Children live out of sight of the world there. Children are living in conditions which are beyond poverty. Even small children walk miles across the desert for every drop of water. They drink water that is heavily polluted and leads to life threatening illnesses. Yet no-one is helping. The main aid agencies are no longer there. Foreigners do not go because it is dangerous, and no one is asking for help.


    The primary beneficiaries of this project will be the children of families who are now living in these remote villages having had their lives disrupted by violence and drought. Many were forced to go to 'Internally Displaced People' (IDP) camps and have now returned to their villages with few possessions and many with no land for a new home. In the future entire communities will benefit from a whole generation having access to the early years education provided by Kids for Kids.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    For 14 years Kids for Kids has been running projects to help the villagers in Darfur. Over 350,000 people are now benefiting from our projects in remote communities in Darfur. Key to our projects is ensuring that people are accountable to their own communities so that everything is sustainable. Training is critical and our training programme includes helping villagers set up and run the projects. We have a small project office in Darfur to ensure that projects are run efficiently.

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    Patricia Parker MBE

    Patricia is the CEO of Kids for Kids and continues to drive the projects directly. Her commitment to the charity is unrivalled.

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Will buy 30 bricks to help build our next school

"I praise the achievements of Kids for Kids and would like to use it as a model for other organisations to imitate."

Mohamed Adam, Director of Education, North Darfur