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Nurseries in Malawi

Having focused on primary and secondary schools, Expand now aims to build two nursery schools in the Chisala area of Nkhata Bay District, and the Chikangawa area,Mzimba District.The communities have repeatedly requested this as they see pre-school as vitally important for kids around the world.

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  • Need


    The issue of pre-primary education is an important one in Malawi especially as the kids learn in english at primary level, but also in the national language, Chichewa. In the north, the kids also have their own dialects,and so their english and education is generally of a very low level. If they can be taught english from very young then this will help solve the problem of language and understanding. A good pre- primary is also the basis of future success and is important to these communities


    There are no pre-primary schools in the areas we are working in, and so no precursor to formal education. This stage is so instrumental in a child's development as they learn so quickly and often stands them in good stead for the challenges of further education. Malawian primary and secondary schools are particularly challenging. Pre-primary school is not free in the country and so Expand will help provide resources and ensure the sustainability of the schools with the communities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Build quality pre-primary schools in two Malawian Districts that will cater for 1-6 year olds


    » Building infrastructure and providing resources and training for the schools and teachers
    » Working closely with the District Education Departments, local authorities, chiefs, schools and teachers who will advise us closely

    What success will look like

    Success will be...ensuring that the Malawian children who attend school develop a good level of english and education so that they can succeed at the next level

  • Impact


    Children in Malawi are often taught in crowded classrooms and the teachers often cannot give them the attention required. By acquiring a good level early on in life, the project will ensure that the children get the best start and an positive interest in education. This is not always fostered in Malawian schools as they face many challenges. The school children will be monitored carefully through their school life and hopefully supported through secondary level, which is not free in Malawi.


    There are very few risks as the communities really want these projects. A possible risk is that they do not provide bricks and sand as required, but they are generally good with keeping to their side of the deal. Parents and District government are also on board which will ensure good enrolment so that the maximum number of kids will benefit. The land has been given and the local chiefs are in full support. The schools already set up in the area have said they would help where they can.


    Expand sends out six monthly newsletters and updates its website and Facebook pages very regularly with news and photos. We have had many of our donors for 5 years, since we built our first school, and we feel this is due to our committment to making sure they remain involved and informed.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,000 Transport & fuel Transporting materials and local bricks, sand
      £16,200 Building materials For building actual structures
      £1,800 Labour Professional labour to build to standard
      £1,000 Admin photocopying, admin and communication, equipping schools
  • Background


    Expand is mainly working in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.We operate in the north of the country that does not receive as much attention or funding as the central or southern regions. We operate in the Nkhata Bay and neighbouring Mzimba Districts, and have built schools, libraries and IT centres. The areas are very remote and beautiful but have been heavily deforested by local people. Therefore, we have also started tree replanting and forestry projects in the areas.


    In both areas, there are thousands of people living in small villages which are generally very remote.The locations we have chosen to build in are the 'centres' and have primary schools there. The areas are very poor with most people living in mud huts and grass roofs. Depending on where their villages are, kids can walk hours to get to school. We built the first primary school in the Chisala area and have helped build up the schools at Chikangawa and so are well liked by the communities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Expand is an educational charity and we have successfully built primary schools and have finished many other projects, such as IT centres and libraries. We know our people and the issues they face because we work with them closely on the ground.We talk regularly with them,hold meetings,advise them and bring in local experts to explain certain ideas to them. Such ideas include the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness, education, health, agricultural improvements to name but a few. We have the drive!

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Tanya Clarke

    Project Manager and she will coordinate the projects with the teachers and community school committees

    Mr Amos Banda/ Mrs Neema Chinula

    They are teachers at the schools that have a particular interest to see these developments happen and have pushed the trustees of Expand.

    Local Chiefs

    They must ensure that the local communities make the bricks and local resources required to help so that they feel the pre-primary is theirs

Learning happens all around us, all the time!

Learning happens all around us, all the time!

We need this development here. Where do our children start from? Getting a good education is a problem for us so better we start young!

Mrs Neema Chinula