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Project information

The FVW Animation Bursary

The funding will enable us to offer 3 animation bursaries to up and coming animators. It will also enable us to develop the project and approach other sponsors to take the initiative on into the future. Each bursary will last 4 months and will be based on creating a new piece of innovative work.

April 2013 - April 2014

Charity information: The Film and Video Workshop

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  • Need


    Funding for animation has almost completely disappeared in the UK and yet it is the most innovative of artforms. The bursaries will be aimed at animators who are at the beginning of their career which is the most crucial time to nurture and encourage them if they are to continue to work in this field. We receive lots of requests from animators to help them with their work, in particular requests for studio space and equipment and support for making films.


    The project will give the participants increased confidence in their professional ability, an increase in their marketing and business skills and help them produce innovative and entertaining films. This proposal will also give added value, as The Film and Video Workshop will be contributing a significant amount of in-kind match funding. This will be in the form of project management, networking and long-term support.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide up and coming animators with a credible platform for their work.


    » We will facilitate the professional development of talented artists at an early stage in their career.
    » We will create a steering committee of industry members and established animators to help develop the project and make sure it stays on course.

    What success will look like

    Success will be when the films are screened at the London International Animation Festival, the UK’s largest animation festival, who have pledged to premiere the films.

  • Impact


    Success will be measured by producing 3 entertaining, inspiring and innovative films through a careful guided learning process that achieves a positive outcome, explores creativity and encourages cooperation and communication. We will collect evidence on career progression and artistic support which will enable us to create a detailed evaluation of the process adding weight to future funding applications.


    There is a risk that the animators who are chosen to make their films will not keep to the production schedule and will ask for more time to finish as animation is a notoriously time consuming endeavour but we will keep a close eye on proceedings and make sure that every step of the process is closely monitored in order to ensure that the films are finished on time and on schedule and are of the highest quality.


    We will keep a monthly evaluation report with animators asked to keep production diaries and project managers submitting work in progress reports. These will be made available for donors to see whenever they wish.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,800

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Bursary 3 x Bursary recipients expenses allowance
      £2,400 Bursary 3 x Bursary recipients mentoring costs
      £5,400 Bursary 3 x Bursary recipients film production costs
  • Background


    Animators will have the choice of using our production studios to make their films which are located in the Borough of Islington or they will be able to take equipment away to use in their own homes or studios which could be based anywhere across the UK as the scheme is UK-wide.


    The scheme will be open to anyone to apply to across the UK. The only criteria is that animators who are at an early stage of their careers can apply, but they do have to have made one short film which would prove to us that they are capable of understanding the process. The reason we want to keep the bursary at an entry level is because there are other funds available for mid career artists.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the largest producer of animation made by young people in the UK. We aim to work with as wide a range of people as possible and focus on those who are disadvantaged due to social, cultural and economic circumstances. In all our work we aim to empower people through a careful guided learning process that achieves a positive outcome, explores creativity and encourages cooperation and communication. We also run The London International Animation Festival, the UK's largest animation festival.

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    Nag Vladermersky

    Nag will coordinate the project, assigning each bursary person a professional animator who is experienced in supporting adult learning.

    Simon Oatley

    Simon is CEO and he will ensure the project runs smoothly and keeps to schedule and on budget.