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The Charity has purchased a property that will need adaptation before it is suitable for use as a short-break centre for families with children who have terminal medical conditions. We need to ensure that the property meets the required care standards.These families deserve a break.

September 2012 - May 2013

Charity information: Ellie's Haven - Cornwall Limited

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  • Need


    Lack of suitable short-break facilities for families in Devon and Cornwall to spend quality time with their child(s) and the other siblings, outside of the home or hospital environment. We aim to provide an environment where the whole family can re-charge their batteries before returning to the daily caring process, which, we, Julie&Nigel Libby went through with our own children, sadly both deceased, Thomas and Ellie.


    We will sit between the hospital environment and respite-led facilities. Ellie's Haven is based on our experience as parents and consultation with The Parents Council and Contact a Family that a gap exists outside of a total medical-based environment for such a place. We believe that Ellie's Haven will bridge that gap.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Refurbishment and adaptation of the property


    » Continue to fund-raise through our supporter network. Develop a corporate fund-raising strategy and initiate a strategy for grant and trust giving.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Ellie's Haven open to clients by the middle of 2013, 24/7, 365days a year.

  • Impact


    Put a place on the map that families can turn too, in a decreasing economy, 'a few days together as a family' can give strength, sharing experiences, problems and knowledge will be a key element of the Ellie's Haven experience. We would like to believe that simplicity of our concept, the low costs and over-heads could be repeated further afield. Success will be measured by the families experience, but secondarily by our partner organisations measurement.


    At this point of the project, having undertaken risk assessment, we believe that most aspects are under control, a key aspect would be on-going fund-raising, but with strong local support and an ever widening supporter network, we believe Ellie's Haven is a cost-efficient concept in family support care.


    communication, we believe is vital, so on-going, both by one to one with important donors and regular communication, via internet newsletters/FaceBook/Twitter. Donors will be asked to participate in regular day events held on site and of course inter-act with clients.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £232,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £150,000 refurbishment Estimate of cost for refurbishment of property
      £50,000 adaptation Necessary for the clients health and safety
      £12,000 Equipment Various
      £20,000 Professional Fees Fees and Contiguencies
  • Background


    Property located in the heart of our supporter belt, South East Cornwall, in the village of Duloe. Close to Looe Town and many historic and interesting places of interest; Eden Project, Polperro. Good transport links and very supportive local community.


    The area that Ellie's haven will be situated is rural and suffers all the problems associated with rural communities in Cornwall, unemployment, deprivation,poor public transport and family support. In a small way, to start, we hope to invigorate the local community we will situated in, by some employment opportunity, volunteer work and community engagement with local schools and faiths.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Ellie's Haven carries the beliefs, wishes and support of a large number of supporters, since its inception in September 2007, we have raised over £400,000 to buy a suitable property and contribute towards its adaptation.
    that money has come from the penny jars from coffee mornings, events,sponsored runs and many different sources.

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    Peter Heywood-Trustee

    Peter is a ex entrepreneur and journalist. His knowledge of the business world,internet and charities has been invaluable for the charity.

    Andrew Thomas -Partner

    A well respected local Architect. He has been involved virtually since day one. He is crucial member of our team.

    Mark Storey-Trustee

    Mark runs a people-focused management consultancy. A major fund-raiser for the charity, he and his team have raised over £50,000 so far.

    Sandie Houghton - Trustee

    Sandi has been a health professional for over 30years, both in the UK and Abroad. She brings key experience and knowledge and wisdom to our team.


For a £100 today you can help Ellies Haven.

"Anyone who had the priviledge of meeting Ellie, will know that the problems she was confronted with, the pulse of life beat strongly within her."

Richard Madeley- TV Personality and Patron