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Project information

Supporting child mothers in Tanzania

Child mothers and child brides are marginalised in Tanzania. With limited education and livelihood options, many become mothers early and risk further poverty and ill-health. FORWARD will support affected girls with skills, livelihood options and mobilise action to improve rights of at risk girls.

January 2013 - December 2014

Charity information: FORWARD UK

  • Need


    Child marriage and teenage pregnancy is a major problem in Tanzania, 38 % of girls are married before the attain 18 years, this is more pronounced in rural areas. Child motheirs are more likely to die at child birth or suffer disabilities. They are less likely to have skills and information on child development and more likely to have malnourished children. Girls are at risk of sexual abuse, domestic violence and have higher levels of HIV. Many drop out of school and fail to acquire key skills.


    The project will aim to work with girls to set up a network of support; provide training in livelihood and leadership skills that enable the girls access information and entrepreneurship training to undertake income generating activities; the project provides them with early child development training and support- including providing a model creche for the community. The project will work with communities through community dialogue techniques to engage and mobilise action against child marriage

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improve health and wellbeing of child mothers and child brides and enable them exercise their rights


    » Provide training on confidence building; leadership and livelihood skills and early child development
    » support set up of girls clubs and networks and support them organise outreach and peer to peer education
    » provide income generating skills and support

    What success will look like

    Success will be at least 200 child mother benefit from the project through either the income generation activities and leivelihood training provision or returning to school

    Aim 2

    Strengthen communities to support the needs of child brides and child mothers at local level


    » Work with teachers and education authorities to support girls to go back to school after delivery
    » Organise community conversation with community elders, women and opinion makers to support needs of girls at risk and affected
    » Conduct campaigns and advocacy action at community and national level

    What success will look like

    Success will be...strong commitment from community leaders including establsihment of child protection systems to address child marriage. schools more engaged and supportive.

  • Impact


    The project will contribute to the reduction of childmarriage and improved child welfare and wellbeing among the communities of the targeted area. This will be demonstrated through research and interviews with girls, communities, school records of girls returning to schools after delivery and girls demonstrating knowledge of where to access support at the local level. FORWARD in partnership with local community based organisation continue working with local authorities, community leaders and sch


    There is a risk of lack of support from local leaders and teachers who may be tradtional and not support girls return to school or not marry early. We will use community dialogue and engage allies including local and district officials to identify postive role models who will form part fo the initial community dialogue.

    Fear of violence and backlash affecting girls- while violence is in the area, there is opportunity to work with the district police as allies.


    FORWARD will work very closely with the Tanzanian local partner to provide an on going project progress and lessons learned that will be submitted to the donors in narratives including case studies highlighting the girls' and the communities' progress profiles at quarterly and annually basis

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £150,060

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      Amount Heading Description
      £25,000 livelihood training Puchase of equipments and materials
      £8,400 livelihood training Cost of the training venue for 2 years
      £40,000 livelihood training Girls training cost [£10/dayx20days]*200girls
      £14,400 livelihood training facilitators/trainers fee (3persons x 24 months)
      £8,500 School fees uniform, school fees and related costs for 100 girls
      £22,500 community mobilisation organising 10 community dialogues and training decision makers
      £20,840 project management 2 staff salary and overhead costs
      £10,420 project management monitoring and evaluation costs
  • Background


    A participatory research conducted by FORWARD and Children Dignity Forum in 2009, revealed persistence of child marriage and its dire impact on girls' lives in Mara region, Tanzania. It also created a platform for the affected girls to raise their voices and recommend possible solutions such as the importance of income generation activities and returning to school. We have been working with the girls in Tarime district ever since and propose to extend the support to other districts in the region


    Young women who are affected by and girls who are at risk of child marriage are the primary beneficiaries of the project. Their children, parents and siblings will also directly benefit from the outcome of the project on the girls' lives. Boys, men, and women in the community will also indirectly benefit from the development of girls from pursuing their education and financial independence.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    FORWARD has demonstrated a good track record of accomplishments both locally and globally in responding to issues affecting African women and girls rights through advocacy action, partnership and programme delivery. FORWARD has over 15 years experience of working through partnerships and networks in advancing rights of girls is being implemented in East and West African countries. The nature of the partnership included provision of technical support capacity development and facilitating funding.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Koshuma Mtingeti

    He has been a core founding members of Children Dignity Forum and looking over every success of the orgnaisation since its inception

    Grace Mughamba

    She has been a key actor in conducting participatory research, supporting the girls setting up a network and supporitng groups

...My marriage was dignity for the rest but ruined my childhood…

A girl from Tarime