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Project information

Microchipping of pet and working ferrets /pets

Chip4Charity is a branch of the welfare. We take in over 200 lost and abandoned ferrets every year. We are raising money for equipment and chips so we can identify all ferrets rehomed by the welfare. We will extend this to offer discounted chipping of pet dogs and cats.


Charity information: Droitwich Ferret Welfare

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  • Need


    Over 200 ferrets alone in the charity's area are lost or abandoned every year. We seek to identify these ferrets so we can trace the owners. The government are considering introducing compulsory chipping of dogs and we intend to offer discounted microchipping for dogs and cats. Microchips offer quick, permanent id and animals are registered with PetLog, the national database. The tiny inert chip cannot be altered or lost.


    Microchipping will provide a quick, permanent ID of animals carrying the inert microchip. Animals can be reunited with their owners who can be traced promptly. This will encourage responsible ownership.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Raise funds for purchase of equipment and microchips


    » Seek donations from the public and offer at-cost microchipping for all ferrets
    » Offer discounted microchipping in a local pet store and at country shows. Foster carers to be present to promote microchipping.

    What success will look like

    Success will be the ability to microchip all ferrets rehomed by the welfare and extending microchipping throughout the pet owning community

  • Impact


    The ability to quickly trace owners of lost animals and re-unite them promptly.


    Insufficient funds to enable us to own and maintain the equipment, and insure the qualified microchippers as required. We have dealt wth this risk by ensuring that the project is undertaken in stages - firstly the purchase of scanners for all foster carers, secondly training qualified microchippers before moving on to chip all ferrets.


    Through the magazine Ferret Time which is owned and published by Droitwich Ferret Welfare if possible. By a dedicated page on the charity's web-site. Also by direct contact with the donors by ordinary mail or e-mail as appropriate.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £1,200

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      Amount Heading Description
      £300 Purchases Purchase of scanners
      £200 Training Training microchippers
      £200 Equipment Purchase of equipment microchippers
      £400 Insurance Insuring 3 qualified microchippers
      £100 Supplies Initial supply of microchips
  • Background


    Worcestershire and Herefordshire


    Pet owning public and the animals themselves

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have foster carers in our region who are in contact with the ferrets, caring for them and rehoming them, so we are ideally placed to microchip the animals.

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    Foster carer

"microchipping give YOU peace of mind"