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Financial support for residential care

To provide financial support to existing and prospective residents of Morris Feinmann Home who are unable to afford (even after local authority subsidies) the full fee required to fund their residential/ nursing care but wish to remain in South Manchester's only Jewish elderly care home

There is an ongoing & increasing need

Charity information: Morris Feinmann Homes Trust

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  • Need


    An increasing number of residents are no longer able to self fund their residential/ nursing costs. As residents are living longer than previously their personal funds are depleting and due to the economic climate, their families aren't able to support their ageing relative as they may have previously. Local authority subsidies don't go far enough. The Home is increasingly having to use reserves to fund the shortfall. MFH has had to refuse entry to potential new residents who are can't self fund


    It will focus fundraising on this specific and growing issue and create a fund specifically to support those in necessitous circumstances where there is a shortfall in their fees. It will enable Trustees in more instances to not refuse entry to new residents who want to be in the only Jewish home in South Manchester, regardless of their ability to self fund their fees. It will prevent the further depletion of reserves that are vital for the maintenance of the ageing building & equipment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To increase the Home's ability to support those residents in financial need.


    » Through fundraising activities focused specifically at creating a discretionary fund

    Success will be...the ability to increase the level of support to those in need without depleting the Home's reserve funds

    Aim 2

    To be able to allow entry to new residents regardless of their financial situation


    » Increased fundraising from new sources

    Success will increase in the number of new residents accepted knowing they will require financial support from the off set

  • Impact


    The Home will be more accessible to the community it serves as entry will not be based purely on financial ability to pay the fee. It will enable elderly residents to reside closer to the family and roots in South Manchester rather than being forced to live further away in lower cost Jewish home, or a non jewish home locally where they are unable to continue with their cultural observances and the quality of care is not as high.


    Ability to offer increased support is dependent on the level of voluntary income received. Therefore, risks are relative as the Home will only offer the level of additional support it can financially support. There are sensitivity issues around measuring an individual's ability to pay to ensure that they are not taking advantage of the situation. Systems are in place to sensitively credit check the residents and their family as it is only fair that the discretionary fund benefits those in need.


    Where appropriate written or face to face reports can be provided to donors which quantify the increased ability to provide financial support and the increased occupancy levels at the home as a result.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £96,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £19,200 1 resident yearly av cost Yearly Shortfall / resident after LA funding
      £19,200 1 resident yearly shortfall after LA funding
      £19,200 1 resident yearly shortfall after LA funding
      £19,200 1 resident yearly shortfall after LA funding
      £19,200 1 resident yearly shortfall after LA funding

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Anonymous £12,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The Morris Feinmann home is located in Didsbury, South Manchester. A short drive from the main jewish communities in the area. Very close to motorway links to M62/56.

    It serves the South Manchester community geographically very conveniently and is en route to central London. The Home is on leafy grounds in a quiet area suitable for its elderly residents


    Members of the Jewish community in the South Manchester area. Increasingly families from Southport, Liverpool, St Annes & Wirral are relocating to the South MCR area as are many families from N Manchester. While the Home does happily accept non jewish residents it is unlikely that this fund would apply to financially support those residents.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Morris Feinmann Home was established in 1955. It's original remit was to house Holocaust survivors and refugees. It's remit expanded over the years due to MFH's reputation for excellence. All the Home's staff are professionally qualified in their field to provide the best possible care. The trustees have successfully fundraised to update rooms/ equipment in the past

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    Alan Wilkins

    Chair Of Trustees -

    Helen Lister

    Co Chair of Trustees

    Ian Paul