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Mother's March Munch

MATCH, Mothers Apart from their Children, are dedicating the Month of March to make food (Cakes and Treats) to sell and raise funds. Coffee Mornings, Company Staff rooms. or in their Homes.

March 2013 - March 2013

Charity information: Mothers Apart From Their Children

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  • Need


    The Month of March is chosen due to Mothers Day in this Month. This year we began our Project but found little support due to Mums finding it difficult as embarrased by questions of their own situations. The knowledge behind our circumstances is that Mums do actually live apart from their children more than you would believe. Society assumes that the mother has the priority in caring for their child but the truth is that fathers get custody in court cases too. More publicity for Mums is needed.


    Any public relations for MATCH is a good idea, The Media are now working with us to give awareness of our situations, this may take a long time to establish our charity, but we shall never give up and our charity will continue providing a back bone to Mums in support and advice giving Mums the strength to encourage fund raising events in the future.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    March 2013, Mothers March Munch


    » Continue supporting our Mums, Broadcasting the success stories when they happen in reuniting children with their Mum.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...More Mum's taking part in an event in March 2013

  • Impact


    Our long term aim is to provide a mobile Mum to reach Mum's across the Nation providing support and advice through this difficult time in our lives. Funding for this is of a large scale yet we know that our limited contact through the web which is good but can be widened with a personal touch. Presently the charity is funded by volunteers but with an employee on board the structure of MATCH is a good vision to aim for.


    The quality of the produce provided is faultless so no risks there. Any risks are to the mum's themselves finding it stressfull as the public contest their suitability to be a Mum. Mentally this can be huge.


    Through the Month of March we shal list the various events happening across the country and funds raised. Donors in particular areas of the country can rally the MATCH Mum's in their area and provide support

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £200 Strategy Meetings London, Bristol, and Manchester
      £200 Printing/stationery Support banners and postage
  • Background


    Areas are central to Members in MATCH. London for south of England, Bristol for West and Wales, Manchester for North of England. With limited Volunteers this is the only 3 central location's, Larger funding could offer more sites.


    Presently their are 300 members to our charity, It is believed thatthere is 100,000 in the country. Each situation is different and freater funding can only extend our Members and national support. These individuals can all offer something to socirty and presently fo yet there is so much more that can be offered.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    MATCH is the only charity for Mum's apart from their children. We offer support psychologically, mentally and physically, Physically in our local Mum's, reaching out to area's for get together, again across the country.

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    Mrs Rosalind Barton

    Chair person, apart from 3 children, lives in south of England

    Mrs Hilary Hunter

    Secretary, apart from 3 children, lives in East Anglia

    Lisa Crisp

    Local Mums, organiser, apart from 1 child, lives in East Anglia

    Cathy Mosey

    Membership manager, apart from 1 child.Lives in West Country

Match LOGO

Match LOGO


Mobile Mum for 1 years visits nationally