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We will recruit a part-time volunteer coordinator for 12 months to recruit volunteers amongst the Black African Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups and train them with skills of supporting abuse survivors and people with mental health.

12 months

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  • Need


    Since 2002 Izzy's Promise has been offering support to many survivors of abuse and people from Black African Minority Ethnic groups with issues around abuse and mental health. However, the most worrying scenario is that there have been very small numbers of volunteers from the BAME groups coming in or showing interest in the work we do. Looking at the Scottish government statistics, there are many people from BAME groups suffering from mental health and who have been exposed to different types o


    This project will increase awareness for 20 volunteering agencies, and abuse support agencies of the employment, training, volunteering and support needs of BAME people who have been trafficked and exploited and adults with mental health problems occassioned by the abuse suffered as young people. This will therefore increase support, volunteering and employment opportunities for such people as a result of more employment agencies, volunteer centres, support agencies and placement centres being

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Recruit a Part-Time Volunteer Coordinator for 12 Months


    » Advertise in the local volunteer development centre and community groups

    Success will be more volunteers recruited and trained and more BAME service users accessing the service

    Aim 2

    Recruitment and training 20 volunteers from BAME groups


    » Recruitment drives, volunteer placements and training placements for BAME and vulnerable people with mental health problems
    » Organising and coordinating other agencies to deliver training workshops, awareness sessions and support to such people
    » Coordinate with other agencies to provide language training and other communication skills
    » Advertise volunteering places in universities, colleges, BAME organisations/groups, community groups

    Success will be more volunteers trained to offer support services to abuse survivors and also gaining in confidence to look for work

    Aim 3

    Enhance confidence of BAME volunteers to engage in employment and education


    » Run campaigns in community groups aimed at raising the profile of the project to attract more volunteers on board
    » Develop a website and link it with volunteering agencies, BAME groups, colleges, community groups to advertise volunteering opportunities.
    » Recruitment drives, volunteer placements and training placements for BAME and vulnerable people with mental health problems
    » Coordinate with other agencies to provide language training and other communication skills

    Success will be more BAME people will be more confident and less isolated therefor engaging with and integrating easily in the community

  • Impact


    This project will increase knowledge, confidence and skills of 30 volunteers who get involved in the project on how to support BAME groups and other people who are victims of abuse with mental health problems into employment, volunteering and further studies. This will encourage more people from the BAME groups and people with mental health problems to volunteer and get back to work.


    The major challenges of this project will be as follows: communication and language barriers especially when dealing with volunteers from BAME groups. The other challenge will be cultural and ethnic differences between the BAME groups and other mainstream volunteers. The other challenge will be trying to recruit volunteers from the hard to reach communities, vulnerable people, survivors of abuse and people with mental health problems.


    Monitoring and recording numbers of those people who get involved in our service and those ones who gain their confidence to continue volunteering with us or move on to other organisations for volunteering, employment or further studies.
    • There will be a 3 monthly review of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £16,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,000 P/T Worker To coordinate the work
      £3,500 volunteer costs volunteer traveland training costs
      £5,000 communication telephone, website, publicity and postage
  • Background


    Scotland in the Tayside area Dundee, Angus, Fife and Perthshire.


    The project will target volunteers from the BAME groups, people with mental health problems and people with a history of childhood sexual abuse/historical abuse. This project will also target the hard to reach people to bring them into volunteering to enable them gain skills that will help them to work as volunteer support workers, fundraisers, and delivering abuse prevention programmes and awareness sessions to young people.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Survivors from minority communities who are still in the abuse situation find it harder to tell anyone and if they do, they are most often met with disbelief and lack of understanding. They need a project specifically for them which can offer long term support, advocacy and practical help without judging them. Hence Izzy’s Promise is in a better position to offer them support at the same time enabling them to gain confidence.

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    Part Time Worker

    Recruiting and training volunteers and coordinating support for abuse survivors

    Members Of Management (Trustees)

    Supervising the part time worker and also helping in the accounts and budgeting for the project