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Child's Play: Accessible play for all children

Accessible play & activities for children/young people suffering complex & multiple disabilities. Our children/young people have a wide range of abilities & their siblings are always welcome to join in too. We will complete our accessible outdoor children's play area & run new leisure activities.

We aim to begin in September 2013

Charity information: Sparkle Appeal (South Gwent Children's Foundation)

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  • Need


    There are limited leisure facilities & no playground for children with severe & complex disabilities in Newport, Torfaen & Monmouthshire, yet there is much demand for such facilities from the children, parents and therapists. Families of children with a disability wish to engage in leisure & sporting activities as a family, & ensure that their children have the same opportunities to develop into well-rounded individuals as their able-bodied peers. Activities will include football, zumba, chess.


    We will provide both a fully accessible children's playground, with swings, slides, ropes, climbing frame, seesaw & sunken trampoline and the chance to try new leisure & sporting activities to all our children & their siblings. We will provide 10-week courses (swimming, self-defence, zumba, cards, chess) as well as run regular taster-days where the children can try new activities with their parents & siblings.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide opportunities & facilities for children with disabilities to participate, enjoy & excel.


    » To create a fully accessible children's playground.
    » To run regular leisure activities for our children & their siblings, decided by themselves, their parents & with input from therapists
    » To run taster-sessions for our children & their siblings to try new activities & introduce them to new activities that may become hobbies.

    Success will least 100 children using the playground each week (weather permitting of course, after all we are located in South Wales!) Also 200 children doing activities

    Aim 2

    To compliment therapy & treatment the children are undergoing.


    » All the facilities & activities will be planned with professional input, based upon what the children & parents determine they want & need.

    Success will be...200 children widening their skill base through new activities, learning team work, socialisation, improving mobility/motor skills & building friendships.

    Aim 3

    To provide opportunities for families to spend time together engaging in leisure, recreation, sport.


    » Run open access regular & one-ff activities by staff knowledgeable of the specific needs of families of a child with disabilities.

    Success will be...100 families using the facilities on a regular basis, including 10 new families more involved in the planning of existing and future family activities.

    Aim 4

    To increase skill, confidence & self-esteem for each child, so they can reach their full potential.


    » Through all our activities & facilities we will cater for all children, irrespective of ability to engage & enjoy the activity, & continue with it.

    Success will be...reviewing each child's progress in other spheres with the therapists, to see how the effects of "play" and activity based programmes improve their life & outlook.

  • Impact


    We expect to instill a sense of participation & community in these children, often denied this due to their disability. Laying the foundations & expectations of being able to participate from an early age will carry with them through all they do in the future. They will become more active & vocal citizens. Success will be shown through longevity of activity, more families feeling engage rather than on the fringes, & our young people growing into well-rounded, confident & self-believing adults.


    There is a risk that children & their families won't engage with the activities or facilities. All our project steering groups are made up of parents, therapists & where possible young people themselves & they have determined their need for all the activities & facilities. We have also piloted some activities & the take up has been high.


    We report to donors with regular e-mail/letter communication & through our annual report. We also undertake any specific donor reporting requirements be it monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £247,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £107,000 Children's Playground to construct a fully accessible outdoor children's playground
      £83,000 Activities Co-ordinator Full time salary (inc NI & pension) for 3 years
      £32,000 Project Activities includes coaches, training, uniform for 3 years
      £25,000 Swimming Project includes instructor, lifeguards, training, pool & plant maintenance for 3 years

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Big Lottery (People & Places) £46,800 Guaranteed
    Variety Club £12,330 Guaranteed
    Welsh Church Act Fund £5,800 Guaranteed
    CFAP £3,396 Guaranteed
    Anon (private donor) £5,000 Guaranteed
    Children in Need £102,729 Guaranteed
    Jane Hodge Foundation £2,500 Guaranteed
    Act Foundation £2,000 Conditional
    James Pantyfedwen £1,000 Conditional
    General Fundraising £40,445 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Serennu Children' Centre (Newport, South Wales) for children with severe and complex disabilities & their siblings living in Newport, South Monmouthshire & South Torfaen.


    Children with disabilities living in Newport, South Monmouthshire & South Torfaen, and their siblings & their parents will benefit. Our project volunteers will also benefit from giving their time to help our children & the wider residents community around Serennu will benefit and develop a greater understanding of what it means to bring up a child with disabilities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have succeeded in creating a new centre of excellence where children receive care, treatment & therapy under the same roof as opportunities for engaging in leisure, recreation & sport with their whole family. This is a tri-borough initiative with the support of health, education & social services. We have succeeded in putting leisure & recreation on an equal footing to the care, treatment & therapy & are the only organisation offering entry level access to many leisure & sporting activities.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Hayley Jenkins

    Hayley is our Activities Co-ordinator for the pilot of introducing new activities to the children & their families & engaging them in the activities.

    Carla Hopkins

    Carla, our fundraising assistant, co-ordinates all our volunteers, without whom we would not be able to run any activities/facilities for our children