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Exploring Art - Inspiring Creating and Making

We have a large art room space that we need to use to its full potential. Our service users want to use other mediums to create and make things. Our Big idea is to turn this room around - put in a sink, refurbish the flooring and have better storage. A kiln to fire the pottery. More materials too.

3 - 6 months

Charity information: Pontefract Family Centre

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  • Need


    It will stop us being so limited with the art work that we do. We have successful projects like the photography club and having a good space to work we can continue to create exhibitions for our service users work. If the room is made more usable it will become multi functional and better to use. just simply having water in there will help. we do such a lot of art we need a good space that has purpose and is practical


    By raising money we can get a specialist in to sand down and refurbish the floors. A proper plumber can be employed to get the sink in. the storage space will be better safer and tidier. The service users will want to work on their art more as the cold un welcoming room puts them off. by our vision of a fully functional art room in place they will join in more and explore new art styles and Ideas. the problem will be solved with well thought out materials and ideas.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To get an artist back into our space to do further workshops on silk painting.


    » encourage our service users to attend more silk painting workshops and during our sessions get them involved in how they want the pace to look.

    What success will look like

    Success will be... more service users doing the workshops and a detailed plan of what they want to see in our newly refurbished art room. With more art ideas shared.

  • Impact


    It will bring in a change of how many art sessions we can provide. we may be able to sell our pottery in our other project plan the coffee shop. it will mean we do more exhibitions and bring in local artists from our community to give master classes. we can display our art and visit local community groups and schools to show how we run our art room successfully. Our service users will be signposted to other art courses they may wish to explore.


    the risk would be the actual space may not be able to be refurbished as it is an old building but we have assessed our risks and sought expert advice about our needs.For example the floor can be made better it has been checked over and is sound. also adequate storage and sinks can be added. the room will be safe and hazard free even with a kiln working in there


    We will keep our funders fully informed. Our service users take an active part in documenting our progress in all our major projects. we will show our progress with photographs and e mails sharing what is happening with our new art room

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £6,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,000 floor refurbish exisiting
      £1,500 tables/storage new suitaable for people with disability
      £1,000 sink installation
      £1,500 kiln to assist pottery workshops
      £500 materials to continue development in art
      £500 equipment to support development in art
      £500 art demo's to teach skills
  • Background


    we are based in a town called Pontefract and we have our own building very close to town. it is close for the service users to get to us safely on public transport. our town is rich in history but there are many areas that could be improved on. we have limited funding being a charity so cant just move to a better building. However our building is loved and needs placing on the map. More people from the community especially younger individuals with L.D.'s will benefit if our services improve.


    the adults with learning disabilities will benefit initially as they can improve their art endeavours and explore other ideas. However we hope to exhibit or even sell our work and if our coffee shop project is successful people from our community can come along and benefit to. We are so close to Pontefract castle it will be good if local artists get involved with us. we may be able to charge to use our place once all our refurbishment has taken place.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only charity in the area with our own building that has run successfully for over 25 years. we have a proven track record and often have a waiting list for service users who dearly wish to attend. The art room project will increase our popularity as we have many other service users who attend an evening class we run so better facilities would only increase their potential for success

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    Geoff Hunton

    Geoff is our manager - since arriving he has developed to art projects to a much higher standard. It is his passion - art can enhance someone's life

    Sharon Fry

    Sharon is a support worker who does PR and fund raising for the project. She will ensure the project has only the best and most economical work done.

    Yvonne Mathewman

    Yvonne has a role to liaise with service users about what they want in the art project. she is often a lead on the art work we already do

    Donna Meek

    Donna will support Yvonne and will ensure all safety aspects are covered. she will work with our senior support worker on this aspect


can buy art materials for 5 to 10 sessions