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Getting the Message Out There

PFP films impart life-changing information to people in Africa & Asia in an effective & engaging way. The films have already helped many people improve their quality of life, so if more people can get to see these films, even more can look forward to a positive future for themselves & their families

May 2012 - September 2012

Charity information: Purple Field Productions

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  • Need


    Throughout Africa and Asia the quality of life for many people is restricted simply by a lack of awareness and limited access to information. This includes everything from attitudes towards physical disabilities to farming methods that meet the challenges of climate change. In the developing world a little knowledge can make a world of difference.


    PFP makes educational films with local people, in local native languages to provide information that can enrich and enhance the lives of these otherwise marginalised people. This is a popular and extremely effective medium to impart knowledge and awareness of a wide range of subjects. For optimum effect these films need to reach the widest possible target audiences. Effective distribution is the key to this and PFP is developing imaginative and innovative means appropriate to local conditions.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    The effective distribution of ‘Farming our Wealth’ and other films in Malawi.


    » PFP are purchasing a Pedal Powered Mobile Cinema which combines generator and projector, to show films in rural areas that do not have electric power.

    What success will look like

    Success will be quantified by the number of farmers converting to new sustainable farming methods & their improved prosperity.

    Aim 2

    The effective distribution of a film promoting awareness and treatment of Cerebral Palsy in Ghana.


    » To employ a local distribution manager to circulate copies of this film among decision makers, health workers and the general public in Ghana.

    What success will look like

    Success will be making CP a high profile issue. The government has already been responsive by appointing 28 new physiotherapists, but more needs doing to address the need.

    Aim 3

    The distribution of a film for Cambodia dispelling preconceptions about disability.


    » To employ a local distribution manager to organise screening this film in schools, on long distance buses and throughout the community.

    What success will look like

    Success will be getting disability films shown to passengers on long distance buses, in schools & public community areas. All Projects have individually designed M&E programs.

  • Impact


    The project raises awareness & disseminates information through the distribution of specially made & targeted educational films. The films promote tolerance & understanding of a range of physical disabilities & in doing so pressure governments & societies to help those affected. Success will be measured by changing attitudes & better treatments & facilities. Films that promote conservation agriculture & the more efficient use of resources will show success by improved yields and prosperity.


    1) Malawi ~ mechanical failure. PFP will send a technician to train locals in the use & repair of equipment. Parts that cannot be repaired locally will be under warranty
    2) Ghana ~ poor distribution risk. A qualified physiotherapist will appoint, train/support a distribution manager
    3) Cambodia ~ poor distribution risk. Our cameraman is also distribution manager & will be closely supported by PFP.
    Risk reduced by careful selection of the volunteers in charge, close monitoring and backup plans


    Donors to this project will receive a twice yearly newsletter detailing the ongoing and forthcoming activities and be kept up to date with news items on the Purple Field Productions' website and facebook page.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,650

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      Amount Heading Description
      £750 Malawi film distribution Folding pedal power generator & Cable
      £2,800 Malawi film distribution Field cinema including projector
      £1,200 Malawi film distribution International airfare for trainer / operator and contingency
      £1,600 Ghana film distribution Distribution Support Officer (Volunteer) - flight, accommodation, food & local expenses for 20 days
      £1,000 Ghana film distribution Distribution manager - local salary
      £800 Ghana film distribution Expenses, additional DVDs, contingency
      £600 Cambodia film distribution Distribution manager - local salary (3 months)
      £900 Cambodia film distribution Expenses including assistant and contingency
  • Background


    1) Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa has a population of over 15 million, 53% of whom live below the poverty line.

    2) Ghana, one of the more politically stable countries in Africa still has many challenges in its health sector with 30% of its 18 million population living below the poverty line.

    3) Cambodia has a population of over 14 million, 30% of whom live below the poverty line, with an incidence of disabilities amongst the highest in the world.


    1) Poor rural farmers in Malawi struggling with the effects of climate change currently unable to grow enough food.

    2) Children in Ghana with Cerebral Palsy whose lives will benefit greatly from physiotherapy and acceptance into the community.

    3) The disabled in Cambodia, including the deaf for whom there is a film version with Khmer sign language designed to provide young deaf people with encouragement.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Purple Field Productions is uniquely placed to undertake this project. The charity works with local people in developing countries to make educational films in the local language, addressing issues that directly affect the quality of their lives. Working on tight budgets, extensively supported by voluntary workers, PFP has an excellent track record, punching way above its weight. Its’ proven successes are well documented and it has won international awards for its life changing educational films

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Colin Tonks

    Colin, the inventor of Cinema in a Back Pack and totally dedicated to social enterprise, will be pioneering this method of distribution in Malawi.

    Celia Stubbs

    Celia, a physiotherapist experienced in Africa will train, support and inspire the distribution manager to pull out all the stops.

    Mark Jones

    Mark, the cameraman for ‘Encourage, and I Can’ lives in Cambodia and is committed to the plight of the disabled in his adopted country.