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Ostomy Angels Caribbean Mission

Ostomy Angels are taking a mission to the Caribbean on June 9th delivering stoma products to 495 stoma patients and raising funds to employ a UK Stoma Nurse to conduct an 8 week intensive training course to train Stoma Nurses at present patients have no stoma nurse to care for them , please help us.

May 2012 - June 2012

Charity information: The Glitter Beach Foundation

The Glitter Beach Foundation
  • Need


    We have discovered there are 495 ostomy patients with no Stoma Nurse or support services post surgically. Patients have access to only one type of stoma bag, as allergies to adhesives is a common problem, patients suffer chemical burns, the bags won't adhere to the skin, and leakage of faeces or urine occurs, causing patients to withdraw from society and sink into a deep depression, as there self confidence is damaged they are left traumatised and often suicidal.


    Our ostomy angels are all patients of courage who have stomas and a deep empathy for fellow patients and a will to help. By transporting stoma supplies over to the Caribbean patients will have a choice of products, to benefit there condition, support to cope with the trauma of stoma surgery, and the benefit of a trained stoma nurse. A trained stoma nurse will conduct an 8 wk intensive course with nurses on the island to qualify them in Stoma care, a crucial lifeline for stoma patients

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To supply a UK stoma nurse to conduct an 8 wk intensive Stoma Care course and patient support


    » To deliver a range of Ostomy Supplies to the island for Ilieostomy,Colostomy and Urostomy patients, raising awareness & education of the problems
    » To train Ostomy nurses in the Caribbean to improve patient care
    » To support patients with councelling and improved after care and pre op advice, building a support network for patients & their families

    What success will look like

    Success will be...improving patients quality of life, seeing a nurse in situ training existing nurses in stoma care

  • Impact


    This will enrich the lives of the patients and there long term care reducing feelings of worthlessness and isolation, delivering dignity and choice through products and ongoing nursing care, and pre and post operative advice teaching coping skills after surgery


    The only risk we have of the project failing is financial, we were let down by a sponsor who promised the earth and failed to deliver. We are currently fundraising to raise the funds we need, we have engaged great people to ensure the success of the project on a long term basis from a WECT nurse training Caribbean nurses in Stoma care to volunteers to maintain the projects sustainability, empowering patients to be pro active in their care through education and support


    We will post regular bulletins on the Glitter Beach foundations website and facebook pages

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £11,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,500 transport Flights & Accomodation
      £3,000 Freight Freight costs to deliver stoma supplies
      £3,500 training costs Nurse training costs
  • Background


    The Carribean Islands


    There are 495 Ostomy patients on the island of Barbados, The Queen Elizabeth is the main hospital for the Caribbean where these surgeries take place, there is currently no trained stoma nurse. The ordinary people of the island have a low income, but the cost of living on the island is high, there is a huge divide between the rich and the poor. Ostomy patients desperately need a trained Stoma Nurse , by training 6 stoma nurses we will enrich and improve the lives of vulnerable patients in need.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    All of our Ostomy Angels understand the problems only to well, all of us have Stomas, Maureen 2 ostomys, a colostomy and urostomy as a result of cancer, Richard 24yrs old a Urostomy, Lee 32 yrs old an ilieostomy from ulceerative Colitis, myself a pan proctocolectomy as a result of Crohns disease, the list goes on and on.Our charity is ran by patients for patients with the support of the medical device companies and associations such as WECT, we know the problems from the in side out we live it.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.



    A double ostomate,cancer survivor, inspirational,courageous and beautiful woman who radiates positivity. A valued team member and model of courage


    A young urostimist who despite his health challenges, works tirelessly to help others againd a valued team member and model of courage


    An outstanding young woman who has overcome many health challenges but still finds time to tiresly help others, a model of courage and valued angel


    A tireless and dedicated founder and volunteer who despite her aggressive incurable fistulating crohns colitis fights to better the lives of others

delivering dignity through care

victoria lee