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Training new Street Pastors

We are currently training new members to join the teams on the streets. Each training course and uniform costs us £350. Trainees raise at least £50 themselves, and sometimes their churches pay the full cost, but we need to fund 2 bursaries of £300 this year. We would love to have your help in this.

October 2018 - March 2019

Charity information: Tower Hamlets Street Pastors

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  • Need


    The complex problems associated with areas of high turnover in the night-time economy encompass alcohol abuse, drug use and trade, homelessness, family problems, gang culture and pressures to do with a large concentration of people in a small area. This can result in instances of drunk and disorderly behaviour, gang fights, rape and sexual harassment, as well as the less noticeable problems of loneliness, despair and depression.


    Street Pastors have a brief of caring, listening and helping. We endeavour to offer practical and immediate assistance to all those we meet in need. We hand out personal safety items, refer people to local help agencies and are on hand to call emergency services when required. But mostly we just listen as people tell us their problems and fears. Police and local council statistics show that when SPs are on the streets the localised crime rate drops by 15%.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To train more members of the Street Pastors team


    » New members spend 8 full days training in various aspects of community awareness and urban problems

    What success will look like

    Success will be... getting those new members integrated into the teams in East London

  • Impact


    Members of our local community, whatever their situation, will know that there is help to be found at times of confusion or trouble and a listening ear for their problems. Visitors will be cared for in safety. Relationships will be nurtured between local people and the SP teams and crime rates will continue to fall.


    Te risks are those always associated with dealing in 'edgy' situations. Our members are carefully and comprehensively trained to stay safe no mater what they encounter.


    THSP makes weekly reports of their patrols and send summaries of these to the police and loal council on a monthly basis. Donors are welcome to have access to this information.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £600

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      Amount Heading Description
      £600 training bursaries for 2 SPs Each volunteer will be trained and uniformed in order to join the established weekly SP teams
  • Background


    Tower Hamlets - currently focussing on Shoreditch and Brick Lane, but also visiting known areas that may be lively such as Mile End.


    Everyone who is out on the streets at night! The homeless, sex workers, young people, drug users, gang members as well as residents and those running local business and those visiting local restaurants, bars and nightclubs

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    THSP has been established in the area for eight years and, in that time, has created and nurtured strong community relationships and a reputation for doing just what they say they do – caring, listening and helping.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Ann Buxton


    All 15 Current Tower Hamlets Street Pastors!

    Each SP gives up at least one evening a month in order to be a member of weekly teams patrolling the streets of Tower Hamlets