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Encouraging Youngsters to be involved

We want to encourage groups of disruptive youngsters to change their attitude and get involved with the Arts. We want to fund these youngsters to learn to dance or play a musical instrument. They will be taught to dance with a view to being part of a group to perform on stage after audition

Twelve months

Charity information: Marshside Temperance Hall

Marshside Temperance Hall
  • Need


    The youngsters are disruptive because they are not monitored by their families. They feel unwanted because their behaviour both in and out of school gives them nothing to look forward to. We want to change their attitude through music/dance to give them a different outlook in life with the hope that this will alter their attitdue.


    By learning to dance and by mixing with "paying" pupils we have found the attitude of the person can change. We encourage the pupils to go to auditions and if successful this can give them the opportunity of dancing in front of a live audience. This gives them self respect, motivation and the will to improve changing their outlook on life and their expectations. One young girl has gained a place at University as a result of out help

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To teach people to dance


    » To teach people to dance
    » To teach people to play a musical instrument

    What success will look like

    Success will be...if a person learns to dance to any level. If someone learns to dance and is successful with an audition and dances to a live audience is a bonus for all

    Aim 2

    To teach people to play a musical instrument


    » Dance
    » Musical Instruments

    What success will look like

    Success will be...if a person learns to play an instrument and is able to play with the Band at functions to which they have been invited

  • Impact


    We would hope to have an infuence on people for all their life. Realistically if 25% did well it would be an achievement as this would impact on their families and friends and long term their children. Even those who drifted away would feel some recognition that they were not just kids causing a problem but that someone found time for them and that everyone does not "label" people teaching them a lesson.


    We can never be certain of people and their attitudes. Most parents are grateful to think someone is bothering about their children. Some feel it is interfering and at this stage we have to apologise and forget. We have had this happen in the past. It can be upsetting to both the youngsters and people working with them


    We will be happy to give positive (and negative) results to anyone should they request them. We monitor this anyway.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £2,231

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      Amount Heading Description
      £540 Dance equipment Trainers and uniform for youngsters
      £306 Equipment 3 x Safety Mats
      £235 Equipment Variable speed CD/mp3 player
      £240 Equipment Amplifier
      £120 Equipment Speakers
      £340 Overheads Electricity, heating, cleaning, x 52 weeks
      £450 Travel Transport for youngster to auditions
  • Background


    Marshside Temperance Hall,
    63a Shellfield Road,
    PR9 9UR


    Initially around 24 young people under 17 years of age. This will impact on around 420 users of Marshside Temperance Hall plus local residents plus families - therefore actual numbers not possible to be known

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Marshside Temperance Hall is a local community hall. It is on the outskirts of Southport. There is a 20 minutes commute by bus to Southport town centre and many facilities. The groups held at our venue provide for local people without the need to travel. During bad weather this is a godsend.
    Since the youngsters are "handing out" round our venue it seems the sensible place to take them in, talk to them and help them

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    Karen Leach

    Dance teacher - teaches at dance school - sessions held at Marshside Temperance Hall

    Nikki Stoddart

    Dance teacher - teaches at dance school - sessions held at Marshside Temperance Hall

    Dave Culshaw

    Musician - plays with Marshside Brass Band/Trustee. Rehearse at Marshside Temperance Hall

Marshside Temperance Hall

Marshside Temperance Hall