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'Change, Charges, Cuts and Confusion about the Law

Many people with learning disabilities are the most vulnerable and are being increasingly hit by the cuts. Worried about the impact on them, we want to run two regional seminars in the autumn using a specialist community care lawyer but will need sponsorship to support unpaid carers to come.

September 2012 - November 2012

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  • Need


    The lack of knowledge and information about the currrent social care legislation amongst service users' supporters - particularly family carers and advocates - whom they need to support them. We will publish this in our magazine and EQ newsletter, but many people don't get this and also we cannot give the detail answering people's specific needs. We have managed some sponsorship previously and run events to raise awareness and inform people which have helped. We will need another given new law


    Using our volunteers to market the event - searching websites & emailing out to advocacy organisations, providers, local service users groups & carers groups - we will disseminate the events. The speaker is a community care lawyer able to speak in an accessible way previously. We have provisionally booked two venues in London and Birmingham but will need to get some charitable sponsorship to run the events and offer carers places to come and secure some funding support by early September.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To raise awareness & disseminate accurate information on social care law to protect people & rights


    » Running a social care law seminar in 2 regional places - Birmingham and London - and offer direct support to specific issues by questions on the day
    » To market via Community Living magazine, EQ newsletter & post this on the web as well as by using our volunteers to directly target carers & advocates
    » To write up main points for Community Living magazine so subscribers get the information &/or to post it on the web & signpost this via EQ newsletter

    What success will look like

    Success will be a good attendance of those who support and inform people with learning disabilities - their carers, advocates & service providers & positive feedback meeting needs

  • Impact


    More challenge in support of people's legal rights to protect people's vulnerability; feedback through networks; the development of an active engagement with the magazine or newsletter from a wider group of people supporting peoplpe with learning disabilities; a growing knowledge in the field and local authority commissioners who better understand their responsibilities in law.


    The main risks will be insufficient funding to run the events.We have one event booked where the risk in minimal as cancellation doesn't hold a penalty until nearer the date. We will sell places at full cost to local authorities and larger organisations to help cover costs. We are marketing this early and offering discounts for bookings before the cancellation date. To offer the concessions to bring in family carers we will have to have soem sponsorship


    We will write up a report and also send back the feedback summary and the make-up on the day so they know the beneficiaries

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £12,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,000 Legal Events holding two events for 80 people at each
  • Background


    Birmingham and London - but to attract nationally


    People with learning disabilities due to their supporters learning about their legal rights to social care support and carers learning about their rights to support too. In relation to both, advocates and service providers who will be able to disseminate this more widely.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are a very specialist organisation who have good connectivity in the field includign with carers. We also have experts in the field as volunteers and have a community care lawyer who writes for the magazine whose living is training and consultancy in this field who is totally up to date. We have run two previously from which we have had extremely good feedback

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    Rosemary Trustam

    The charity chair who is the main volunteer acting as publisher of the magazine and organiser of the event and will chair the day

    Elinor Harbridge

    Part time editor of the magazine who also supports the events

    Belinda Schwehr

    Qualified community care lawyer and barrister who is contracted by the charity to deliver the day's event, & who writes voluntarily for the magazine