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The clinic is under construction,the foundations are laid and the supporting pillars are in place.Funds are needed to buy the bricks to complete the walls.This project will be ongoing for sometime,we will also need funding to buy the medical equipment when the clinic is ready to open its doors.

April 2011 - December 2013

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  • Need


    The clinic is being built as there are no medical facilities for many miles.
    The elderly suffer from eye problems,the children have numerous healthcare issues,lack of sanitation,no running water or electricity.The clinic is part of a bigger picture,in the future we hope to have another 3 floors.The next floor will be school rooms,many of the adults do not read or write,hopefully by letting the children go to school it will encourage the adults to enrich their lives by learning the basics.


    The clinic will be used daily by our volunteer Doctors,who have offered their time to man the needs of Beshlaw village people. The children from the poorer families suffer from lack of good nourishing food,they will be seen by the doctors to ensure they are eating properly inline with the families needs.The Doctors will be able to attend to the elderly who have eye problems such as cataract,infections.The pregnant women will not have to travel to Luxor which is 40 miles away.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To give as many people as possible access to medical care and education.


    » Ongoing fundraising here in the UK.We have a sponsorship scheme in operation,donate on line through the Big Give also the giving machine on our websit

    Success will be...Knowing the babies,children and the elderly are receiving the medication they need,HELP IN EGYPY make sure funds are available for prescriptions for all.

  • Impact


    The clinic will be in the village for many years to come and when the word spreads it will be used to it full capacity on a daily bases.More Doctors will want to come to gain experience,dealing with as many people as possible with as many ailments,from cut feet to delivering babies.we want it to be the best medical attention for these poor people,who through no fault of their own have been unable to access medical help for many years.HELP IN EGYPT have pledged their support and will contiue.


    We don't consider this a risk but we do worry about funding.Our priority has always been taking care of the people of Beshlaw.We know medical care is vital for this very poor and remote village,but equally education is the key to a better future for all.Education could mean we have another Doctor in our midst as we have now,the young Doctor who is going to run our clinic is from Beshlaw,his name is Mahmoud,he is very keen and knowledgeably about his medical profession.We are very lucky.


    We will write,speak,e mail or phone anyone who wants to speak to HELP IN EGYPT.Our aid work has been ongoing for 12,years we know Luxor and its people very well.At present we write newsletters to all our supporters,telling them about our latest trip.All our visits to Luxor are an adventure.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £30,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Building materials First floor
      £10,000 Building materials Second floor
      £10,000 Building materials Third floor
  • Background


    The clinic is situated in the village of Beshlaw on the west bank of the NIle in upper Egypt.A poor. Remote sugar cane growing area.its about 40 miles from Luxor.The village falls between two council areas,neither will take responsibility for .The village gets no Goverment help at all.HELP IN EGYPT found Beshlaw on our Christmas visit 2010,we visited Beshlaw and saw how much help they neededThe school had no book,paper,pencils,the teachers taught the children parrot fashion.


    Beshlaw has a population of 2,000approx,obviously the clinic will benefit many people,the school children attending have increased already.HELP IN EGYPT have supplied tables and chairs for the children,books pencils musical instrument.Also the charity have given funds for food,blankets and medical supplies.We run alongside an Egyptian charity Al BADER who with a committee run the school and will supervise the clinic appointments,keep the building in good running order.also the school will grow.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Beshlaw is remote,no other charity or government organisation visit the village.HELP IN EGYPT pledged its support to AL BADER nearly 18mths ago,no one has offered the help we have given to date.We have visited Beshlaw many times,they are desperate for funding to build their much need clinic,HELP IN EGYPT raise funds in the UK and will continue to help for as long as we are needed.The poverty is plain to see their need for education is a must if they are all to have better futures.

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    Philip Bratherton Founder/Trustee

    philip is the founder of HELP IN EGYPT,he ensures the funding keeps ongoing,philip is the engine that keeps us all motivated.He has seen he needs.

    Brenda Bratherton Founder /Trustee

    Brenda is the secretary,the spokesperson,she makes all the phone calls to people who maybe able to help us with funding.Brenda cares.

    Ruth Bratherton/Trustee

    Ruth is the fundraising person,she also spends her time distributing newsletters,talking to as many people as possible to raise awareness of Beshlaw.


1,000 bricks for new clinic being built

widow,very poor,relies on the school for her food everyday.