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Supporting Mauritanian CSOs & Hratine women

This project aims to make Hratine women more visible within their own community, the Mauritanian society as a whole, and internationally and to increase the effective participation of Hratine women and Hratine focused CSOs in local, regional and national decision-making processes.

3 years

Charity information: Minority Rights Group International (MRG)

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  • Need


    Hratines in Mauritania are systematically deprived of their respect, dignity, and rights and oppressed by an historic system of slavery. Female Hratines face double discrimination both as members of the ‘slave caste’ and because they are women. HW and CSOs lack the knowledge,skills and capacity necessary to create a greater awareness of their plight and advocate for the government’s respect of international instruments on gender and human rights to which it is signatory.


    The project will strengthen the voice of Hratine women and the capacities of the CSOs representing them so they are more capable of effectively advocating on behalf of their community. This initiative is also designed to challenge the discrimination faced by minority women as well as the higher levels of poverty they confront. It will also promote minority and indigenous participation.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Hratine/human rights CSOs gain the knowledge and skills necessary to combat gender discrimination


    » Capacity-building trainings on how to address issues faced by women, such as education, risks of early marriage, and women’s rights awareness.
    » Capacity-building grants
    » Research and publication of a report on the issue of intersectional discrimination affecting Hratine women.
    » Producing a film which highlights issues specific to HW.

    Success will be when Hratine/human rights CSOs gain the knowledge and skills to combat gender discrimination.

    Aim 2

    Increase the capacities of Hratine women to participate in decision-making processes


    » Carry out one experience and knowledge sharing workshop between CSOs and Hratine women.
    » Establish an informal Hratine Women’s Network/Focus Group to continue knowledge sharing.

    Success will be Hratine women gain increased capacities to participate in decision-making processes.

    Aim 3

    Contribute to creating a broader awareness of the issues HW face


    » National and International Advocacy initiatives: discussion meetings, seminars and workshops with traditional chiefs, religious leaders, NGOs
    » Prompt representatives of the UN, African Commission, CERD to pressure the Mauritanian government to implement international gender rights instruments
    » Proactive media work will ensure that the situation of HW becomes more visible in Mauritania and internationally.

    Success will be when there is a broader awareness of the issues Hratine women face both within Mauritania and within the European public.

  • Impact


    Indicators of success are improved knowledge and capacities of CSOs working for and on behalf of Hratine women and greater awareness of issues specific to HW both amongst Hratine community, majority communities and relevant stakeholders. Other long-term results are Improved and strengthened collaboration between Hratine CSOs and relevant stakeholders & Increased commitment from relevant actors to implement gender focused instruments.


    Risks include fieldwork and community based activities jeopardised by civil/political unrest, outbreak of disease, or major environment disaster. However, MRG has a contingency plan that would be put into place and would encompass this project.


    Reporting to donors will take place on an annual basis, in conjunction with our main donor’s reporting guidelines.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £264,293

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      Amount Heading Description
      £77,782 Staffing costs local and UK staff
      £23,085 Capacity building grants to local NGOs
      £29,810 Workshop and network meetings experience and knowledge sharing workshop
      £15,590 Awareness raising community awareness raising meetings
      £22,273 Publication on discrimination print, distribution, translation
      £20,700 Film on discrimination film production and distribution
      £75,053 Advocacy local, national, international advocacy

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    European Commission £242,332 Guaranteed
  • Background




    Direct beneficiaries are 5 Hratine and mainstream human rights/anti-slavery CSOs, 40 Hratine women rights activists directly participating in the trainings, local, national, international government officials including the African Commission, UNHCR. The whole Hratine female population, approximately 640,000, will benefit from this gender equality initiative. Additionally, the entire Hratine population will benefit as this project will lead to greater community cohesion.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    There is no other NGO with MRG’s broad mandate on minority issues, nor its high reputation among minority communities, governments and UN human rights bodies. MRG has consultative status with the UN Economic & Social Council and observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Furthermore, MRG and partners in Africa have slowly begun to build up experience around minority rights and development, and are trying to link their communities into national development processes

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    Anti-Slavery International

    It will support the project with knowledge, experience, and contacts.

    L'Association Des Femmes Chefs De Famille

    It will bring to this particular initiative their expertise of the situation of Hratine women and the marginalization they experience.


    It will bring to this particular initiative their expertise of the situation of Hratine women and the marginalization they experience.