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Project information

Inspiring Through Creativity: Workshops in Hackney

VOCES8 will work with 1000 children aged 4-18 from 12 Hackney schools to inspire them through music to be the best they can be. This will involve regular music and creative workshops and a final Festival performance. This will support Hackney Borough Youth Choir and will encourage new members

September 2012 - June 2013

Charity information: Voces Cantabiles Music

Voces Cantabiles Music
  • Need


    Often access to high quality music and arts can be prohibitive for several reasons, either on a cost basis for schools and parents or because it can be considered an elitest experience. Through the music workshops and final Festival performance, Voces Cantabiles Music will be providing access to high quality music-making for all and inspiring children to realise their hidden creative talents. VOCES8 will also be an inspiring role model for children who would like to consider becoming a musician


    By providing regular access to inspiring and involving music-making to 1,000 children across the Borough, this will encourage pupils, schools and families to become more involved with music. Pupils will have the opportunity to create their own compositions, perform solo's, form their own a cappella groups and interact with other children in a creative context. There will also be an element of teacher training, so that creative learning and music-making can continute after the project completion

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Encourage young people to become involved and inspired by music


    » VCM will organise fun regular workshops with classes and musical groups (e.g. school choirs) to introduce or enhance current musical understanding

    What success will look like

    Success will be children joining the Hackney Borough Youth Choir, forming their own vocal groups, taking up instruments, writing own compositions and working with other children

    Aim 2

    To allow the people & parents of children in Hackney access to quality music-making and performances


    » Access to the Festival performance will be free for all. This will feature pupil performances, as well as a performance by the world-renowned VOCES8

    What success will look like

    Success will be 500+ people attending and enjoying the final Festival performance with the pupils & VOCES8. It will also be parents wishing to encourage their children in music

    Aim 3

    To support the work of the Hackney Borough Youth Choir, establised by VCM


    » In each of the 12 schools, VCM will encourage pupils to join the Youth Choir. This will enhance the pupils' musical and social lives

    What success will look like

    Success will be 30+ children joining the Hackney Borough Youth Choir, which will boost current numbers by nearly 50%. Extra people joining will enable the choir to attract funding

  • Impact


    The aim is to change perceptions about music and make it more accessible. The long term changes that this project will enable is a realisation that everyone can be involved in music-making at many different levels. Any form of music-making is a positive form of expression and allows children to explore their potential. The project will achieve success when more children are actively involved in music, either through involvement at school or Hackney Borough, or through their own application


    There is a risk that some of the schools may not wish to see the project through to completion, which would affect the number of children that the project could benefit. However, VCM has established close links with Hackney Music Service which has excellent communication with all schools in Hackney. The Music Service will be able to advise which schools would benefit most from this VCM project.


    A final report will include information on the workshops, the impact of the approach, numbers & ages of children encouraged and the final Festival performance attendance figures. Most importantly, there will be responses from pupils and schools involved to mention what they learned from the project

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,000 Venue hire Venue space for final Festival performance
      £6,800 Vocal workshops Members of VOCES8 for the creative workshops in 12 schools and Festival performance
      £500 Advertising The production of flyers and a simple website to promote the project and event
      £500 Music hire and materials To provide materials for the children to enhance learning
      £600 Sound equipment and lighting The hire of sound equipment for the Festival performance
      £600 Beatboxer Travel & fee for the world's best beatboxer, Roxorloops, to perform 12 workshops & Festival event
  • Background


    Hackney has high levels both of poverty and of cultural diversity. There are fairly low levels of employment within the borough and as such it could be said to be a relatively deprived area of London. This means that opportunities and access to high quality music will be more restricted than other areas. This makes it an excellent area for development of cultural opportunities and life-enhancing experiences for young people. It will also boost esteem and feelings of community cohesion and pride.


    This project is aimed at young people between the ages of 4-18 to encourage them to realise their potential. It will allow them to develop their artistic talents, both for those entirely new to music or those who have reached a higher level of attainment such as through music Grades. It will also provide a performance aspect which will boost the self-esteem of the children involved and provide a transferrable skill of performing to an audience, which could be used later in their careers.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Voces Cantabiles Music works in over 200 schools around the country and has vast experience of delivering tailored education projects. Established in 2006, the foundation has a proven track record of delivering highly effective music workshops and projects. The majority of schools & communities which the foundation has worked with have asked for further projects. VCM has worked in Hackney before as well as established the Hackney Borough Youth Choir, indicating our investment in the area.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Paul Smith

    Paul is the CEO of VCM and leads on education projects. His highly innovative and tailored workshops always inspire and excite people of all ages.

    Barnaby Smith

    Barnaby is an inspiring musician and workshop leader. As the Artistic Director of VOCES8 & VCM, he is an excellent role model for budding musicians.

    Louise Hughes

    As the Events & Fundraising Director of VCM, Louise is also a VOCES8 manager & workshop leader, working specifically to encourage young violinists.

    Clare Stewart

    Clare is Director of Development and tour manages VOCES8. She is also a singer and works with Paul to establish the award-winning education programme.

VOCES8 is the flagship ensemble of VCM

VOCES8 is the flagship ensemble of VCM