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Project information

Activity Hall

A purpose built room[s] where physically disabled and/or older people can enjoy a variety of activities of their choice, including short mat bowls, wheelchair exercises, boules, art, crafts, pottery etc. The Hall can either be used as one big room or can be easily sectioned off into smaller areas.

12 months

Charity information: Newent Association for the Disabled

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  • Need


    We already run a very popular Centre, with in excess of 30 Users per day, and therefore space to offer a variety of activities at the same time is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Users wish to be able to choose from a wide range of things to do and as space is at a premium it is not currently possible to have more than two activities going on at any one time.
    Storage for the equipment is also a huge problem at present as we want to offer a variety of activities for all age groups.


    The new Hall would alleviate the space problem as it would be purpose built and therefore no space would be wasted- the Hall could be used as one large room or partitioned to allow for many different activities. There would also be storage facilities so that all types of activity from the least to the most strenuous could be offered to the User. We could also hire the Hall out on evenings and weekends and this would give us an income to help us to run both the Centre and the new Hall facilities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Have a calendar of workshops/activities involving younger and older disabled Users working together.


    » Involve the local School Sixth form in planning the calendar and arranging tutors/teachers for any formalised activity as part of a business course.
    » Hold an open evening to encourage the community to be involved in the project and assist with its promotion and presentation to new Users.

    What success will look like

    Success will be when the first year's calendar is in place and the workshops/activities are fully booked and utilised over the course of the first year with plans for the second.

    Aim 2

    Give the Users the chance to choose the equipment and activities that they wish to be involved in.


    » Contact various sources of sporting, art, pottery etc and invite them to demonstrate their equipment to both our current Users and prospective Users.

    What success will look like

    Success will be when the chosen equipment has been purchased and is being regularly utilised by both young and older disabled people. This could be used for team building too.

  • Impact


    The project will give us a purpose built facility equipped with items suitable for physically disabled of all ages to use independently or collectively, breaking down perceived age barriers.
    Success will be demonstrated through
    1-Older and young disabled people working together for a common cause
    2-Enjoyment through learning and social activities
    3-Regular hire of the Hall at evenings and weekends, bringing in revenue to enable continuation of the project
    4-Improved community support


    Lack of money to build the Hall and to buy equipment.

    We could not build without financial support.


    Funders of the project could have regular reports by email and a newsletter, produced bi-monthly would give an insight into the project from the Users themselves.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £250,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £219,000 Hall build/Running costs for utilities etc for first year
      £31,000 Open evening/CalendarEquipment meeting with Community,school/production of calendar and associated work + equipment for activities
  • Background


    Newent is a rural market town in The Forest of Dean with currently about 9000 inhabitants but this number is growing as Newent is becoming a retirement town with many assisted and warden-controlled settlements.
    This means that there is a larger than normal amount of people in the higher age groups and these people need social interaction and recreational activities which will keep them fit and independent into old age. This is where we can fill the gap and provide these activities in our Hall


    As stated the older, growing population will benefit from the project as well as capturing younger disabled from the outlying villages who currently are unable to enjoy such activities.
    This area is a mixture of quite wealthy and quite poor folk and so we wish to build bridges between the two allowing the less well off to benefit from the support of the better off. This will be achieved by working closely with the Community.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We currently have a purpose built facility where older and disabled people can meet and socialise but it is stretched for space. When it was built in 1994 it met the needs of the Users, however these days Users want more - they want to keep active and they wish to enjoy a variety of activities which we cannot, at present, due to building constraints, provide.
    We have the land and infrastructure in place and we have trained staff on site to deal with personal needs - we just need the Hall!

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    Lynne Mayo

    She is currently the Association Manager and as such has managed the build of the current facility and will manage the admin and all related matters.

    Roger Beard

    He is a Trustee of the Charity with resposiblitiy for buildings and premises and he is a business man in his own right. He will oversee the works.

Try this for exercise!

Try this for exercise!