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Education for Action Project

Awareness Sunday marking 10 years since 9/11 was an opportunity for those of all faiths to come together in peace, forgiveness & reconciliation. The Foundation is seeking £50,000 for a follow-up educational project to help communities who most need it to learn how to reach out and ‘live their faith’

December 2011 - December 2012

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  • Need


    Many people of faith are insecure & threatened by other faiths due to lack of understanding of their own faith. We strive to replace insecurity & ignorance with awareness & turn the fear & hostility that often surrounds religious/cultural differences into understanding & engagement. Awareness Sunday had high-profile ecumenical/interfaith support. Building on the unique goodwill the follow-up project seeks to turn the evil carried out by a few in the name of religion on 9/11 into a force for good


    ‘Education for Action’ aims to see religion play a proper role through people of goodwill living their faith by educating themselves (through local churches/communities running the 8-session Awareness Course), empowering themselves to heal, reconcile, live their faith and transform relationships through concrete actions, sharing their example in the community and spreading a message & culture of love, awareness, trust & life in place of fundamentalism’s culture of hatred, ignorance, fear & death

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Help Christians make sense of their faith in a diverse world/Increase awareness/peaceful coexistence


    » Follow up Awareness Sunday, emph. need for education to promote peace using existing examples to develop the Course in new areas/foster mutual respect

    What success will look like

    Project M&E will be built in and shared with new areas inspiring/enabling them to live their faith and make a difference via concrete actions to engage and these will be publicised

  • Impact


    Using detailed Ipsos MORI M&E questions to capture concrete steps taken post-Course we will have proof it works. We are convinced greater understanding among religions will defeat extremism & nurture harmony. We aim to help people build relationships with God/each other through self understanding; free to live our faith we can then bring peace into troubled communities. We will use video examples on our website to inspire future communities to educate themselves so many more lives can be touched


    We aim to help Christians make sense of their faith & culture in a rapidly-changing world & to increase their awareness of those of their neighbours, so they can live in a diverse society without fear or compromising their beliefs. Working in troubled communities to encourage self-education to further ecumenical co-operation and ultimately, inter-faith engagement & understanding is often sensitive and demands a careful approach and patience. Foundation support is therefore built into the project


    The Education for Action project will feature on the Awareness Foundation’s and Awareness-Sunday websites, and will be regularly updated. All donors will receive regular reports on progress with communities ‘educated’ and ‘actions’ taken as often as is practicably possible, but at least six-monthly.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £32,000 Salary Operations Director's Salary/ENI Year1
      £3,000 Partner Liaison 3 existing venues (travel, printing, postage, subsistence)
      £6,000 A.Sun. Follow-up New venues (office costs, postage, printing, travel)
      £2,500 Course Promotion Costs of promoting/marketing Awareness Course
      £6,500 M&E/Proj. Devt. Outcome/Impact monitoring/dissemmination/Project Devt.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Henry Smith Charity £10,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    3 areas with acute religious/cultural tension/poverty are teaching the Course. Blackburn’s challenges are well known. We will apply learning to Luton/East London then to new similar areas. Luton has long racial/community tensions incl. Islamic extremism/a report revealed it as housing a concentration of extremism/most Muslims recognise its role in racial tension/nationalism. A traditional home to immigrant communities, E. London has become a mainly Muslim community facing poverty/racial tensions


    Christians threatened by other faiths will make sense of their own and increase awareness of others’ faiths, so they can coexist peacefully without fear. They will be empowered through local venues running the Course, and local relationships healed/transformed via concrete actions to engage. We will help them build relationships with God/each other; ecumenical/interfaith understanding will be furthered in troubled communities, & greater understanding/harmony among religions will defeat extremism

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The free, well-designed Course examines fundamentalism/globalization from Western/M. Eastern Christian perspectives. Christianity’s original culture helps: contextualise faith today/celebrate sims./respect diffs. with Judaism/Islam/aid self-understanding/reduce intolerance/inspire dialogue within communities. Video feedback on our website from King’s Cross shows it ‘opening people’s eyes to the reality of living as a Christian in a diverse world free from fear and prejudice’, & inspiring action

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    St.John Wright

    Line-managed by Director Nadim Nassar, he will follow up Awareness Sunday/ support troubled communities to take the next step of self-education/action