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Earn Your Vision Enterprise Initiative

Earn your Vision combines intensive life skills mentoring, alongside innovative training in social enterprise, Turning the Tables, which enables at risk young people to transform discarded household items into high quality up-cycled items , enabling young people to move out of poverty and harm

It is a ongoing programme

Charity information: Streets Of Growth

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  • Need


    The project aims to address the following problems:

    Youth Unemployment
    Cultural and economic deprivation
    Youth offending and gang related crime
    Economic instability within set communities
    Youth Poverty
    Poor education of basic key skills

    Streets of Growth is actively working in the community to enable young people by providing educational and business enterprise training and work experience that address the needs of the young people and wider communities in which they reside.


    Earn Your Vision provides young people with a bespoke training and coaching programme of 1) practical work experience in SOG youth focused social enterprise: Turning the Tables (Furniture Recycle and Art Design) . 2) Street School which delivers a structured accredited BTEC Enterprise/Workskills , leadership/life skills development 3) Supported with consistent coaching by SOG youth transitional coaches supporting young people to make sustained life changes to progress into employment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To engage 100 - 150 high risk young people each year


    » Engagement of young people through a range of routes such as street work, and partnership work with schools, Youth Offending teams, parents

    What success will look like

    Success will be... 100 young people engaged over 1 year of the programme and strong partnerships with schools, YOT's and other stakeholders.

    Aim 2

    100 young people successful complete the Earn your Vision programme gaining a BTEC accreditation.


    » .All the young people work in the youth focused social enterprises learning the principles of principles of business and entrepreneurial skills
    » Young people complete a 26 week Street School programme completing a BTEC course, developing business expertise, leadership skills.

    What success will look like

    Success will be... 90% completion rate of participants gaining a Level 2 BTEC and a (0% self reporting among participants of improved self-confidence in their ability to achieve.

    Aim 3

    100 young people successfully progress into a sustained employment/training pathway


    » Consistent transitional coaching by youth coaches supporting young people to progress into either employment/training/apprenticeships.
    » Business mentoring and support for young people to set up their own mini enterprises.

    What success will look like

    Success will be based on 75% of the participants progressing into a chosen career pathway and maintaining this 12 months after completion of the EYV programme.

  • Impact


    Earn Your Vision (EYV) tackles the serious problem of youth unemployment and provide young people wider option of routes in developing economic resiliency in the job market. EYV success will demonstrate success by number of young people who engage through entire project model, Self expressed improvements in confidence by young people. Success will be defined by 75% of the participants positively progress into their chosen education/employment/career pathway.


    There is a risk that some young people may re-offend while on the programme, which would obviously interrupt the programme. We will work with the justice system to ensure that they are supported and complete the programme.
    Working with high risk young people means that drop-out is a strong possibility, SOG has a strong model and trained staff who will work with young people in these drop-out phases and work to re-integrate them into the EYV course through intense, consistent coaching.


    Donors will receive monthly report and blogs. Interested donors will have the opportunity to be able to visit the EYV programme, visit the social enterprises and buy products made by the young people, We also seek donors who are interested in becoming business mentors to young people.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,500 Accreditattion Costs 100 leraners @ £25 per learner
      £2,500 Tutor Cost @£25 per hour for 100 tutor hours
      £1,000 Materials Training materials for Street School
      £2,500 Reward Vouchers @ £25 per learner for travel, interview clothes etc
  • Background


    In Tower Hamlets youth unemployment is at a record high with 1:4 young people (18-24 years) in receipt of JSA benefit and for a growing number of young people earning a living through criminal actions such as drug dealing are viewed as the only viable way to earn a ‘decent’ income for themselves and their families.
    It is these complexities and challenges that the EYV tackle by providing young people/young adults with a legitimate and positive economic pathway.


    EYV directly encourages and supports young people to take and make positive life choices which will lead to a better future both for themselves, their families, local communities and wider society. It provides young people with a wider option of routes in developing economic resiliency in the job market by developing the entrepreneurial skills and qualities to give an individual a hard edge advantage in the job market. As well as providing young people with a greater belt of versatility

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only Charitythat combine our 360 Appropriate Intervention model -- particularly around tackling disengagement and negative behaviour. We provide intense Specialist coaching for young people, including family and peer support, accredited work related learning and Social enterprises to work with young people to engage, inspire, and excite through the use of visual arts, , social business experience, and personal leadership skills.

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    Koyes Ali

    Koyes Ali is the Team Leaders and senior youth coach. he was over 10 years experience and is a local resident.

    Lucky Nessa

    Programme Director and has led the development of the programme. and is a community artist.

    Barnabas Bartl

    Is a lead youth coach and has in-depth expertise in working with high risk young adults