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Peace Direct - stopping wars one person at a time

Every minute, two people die in conflicts around the world, and families are forced from their homes. But in these conflicts there are local people ending violence, saving lives and repairing shattered communities. Person by person, let’s build a world where no-one dies because of war.


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  • Need


    Every minute two people die because of war. Every day one in five of us wake up in conflict. Families forced to flee their homes, extremist attacks, girls who are scared to go to school. We hear stories of rape and torture being used as weapons of war. This must stop. International efforts alone are not working, wars restart, conflicts continue and violence leads to further violence. Local people are not involved in resolving conflicts and they must be. But they need our support and funding.


    Through supporting local people to stop conflict, one person at a time. They are helping rebuild lives, resolve conflicts, and stopping people from choosing a life of violence. We partner with these local groups to help them train peacebuilders, giving them to the tools to build lasting peace in their communities. We will also promote local peacebuilders, so the international community sees that they can be an integral part of the solution. One person at a time, we will stop wars and violence.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To train 130 people to resist violence and build peace in their communities.


    » We raise funds and give support to local peacebuilding organisations that train people to tackle the route causes of violence, and rebuild lives.
    » We also publicise this work to those in the outside world who can help with funds or influence - the public, governments, aid agencies and media.

    What success will look like

    We will demonstrate the success of our aim using qualitative and quantitative data. We will record the number of peacebuilders trained, and the number of people they then support.

  • Impact


    Long term, it will increase the number of local communities finding their own solutions to conflict and move them from dependence on aid to self-sufficiency. It will demonstrate to the international community that this is an integral part of the solution to building peace. Success will be demonstrated by the level of engagement of the international community in local peacebuilding, demonstrated by an increase in funding to local communities and their inclusion in international responses.


    We work in highly volatile places, so we analyse the risk and success factors rigorously. Our peacebuilding organisations face personal risks, but are selected for their experience and protected by their local knowledge and contacts. Our Board of Trustees conducts an annual risk analysis scrutinising all aspects of our work.


    We report to donors with specific updates by email, post, meetings and phone letting them know about what their donations are achieving. We keep donors up to date through our blog, newsletters, website, events and social media.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £28,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £18,200 Service delivery Capacity building support to local peacebuilding organisations around the world.
      £5,040 Advocacy Engage with governments and influential stakeholders to increase support for local peacebuilding
      £1,400 Governance to ensure smooth running of the organisation
      £3,360 Fundraising on behalf of our partners
  • Background


    Syria, Nigeria, Congo (DRC), Somalia, Burundi,
    Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.


    People affected by conflicts in the world’s most fragile countries – entire communities, internally displaced people, young people who are being recruited by extremists, vulnerable people who have experienced violence (rape and torture) as a weapon of war, combatants (including child soldiers) trapped in war.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We focus on local peacebuilding, and enabling local people to devise their own conflict resolution projects. Unlike most aid, devised in the West and subcontracted to local people, we take our lead from the locals. We don’t tell them what to do, we listen to their insight and help build solutions. This mobilises the skills of local people making their work more sustainable than the usual international interventions. In addition we influence others to do the same and are successful at it.

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    Henri Ladyi

    Henri rescues child soldiers from Congo's vicious bush war, disarms rebels, resettles refuggees and rebuilds communities shattered by violence.

    Rasha El Fangry

    Rasha runs a network of peace groups in Sudan, helping local people to react quickly when violence erupts and stop it becoming armed conflict.

    Gulalai Ismael

    Gulali saves young people from being recruited by militant extremists in Pakistan, and stands up for women's rights in a male-dominated society.

£100 from Peace from Peace Direct that I can use for what is really needed is worth £100,000 to deliver a programme that a donor has devised.

Min Shali, Nepalese Peacebuilder