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The CoppaFeel! Boobettes

An ambassador programme that helps young people to realise the importance of checking their boobs. CoppaFeel!‘s Boobettes, who have all battled breast cancer at a young age, will visit schools, colleges, universities and work places as well as touring in a Boob Bus to share their stories and inspire

2 years

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  • Need


    Young people are not aware of the risks of breast cancer. We educate young people on the importance of checking their breasts regularly & knowing the signs & symptoms of breast cancer.We want them to realise that checking their breasts from a young age could save their life one day. Our vision is to live in a world where no one dies of breast cancer due to late detection or misdiagnosis. In young women, breast cancer is often misdiagnosed or found late leading to a more invasive form of cancer.


    As with everything CoppaFeel! carries out, we aim to hit home our important message in a fun & candid manner. Our Boobettes will be armed with resources, infamous CoppaFeel! stickers and an educational video to assist their talks in various locations. Throughout the year they will also travel to events, universities, stage workshops and generally get people talking about boobs, up and down the country & ensuring everyone they meet signs up to our text message reminder service.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To ensure our Boobettes visit as many schools, universities, towns and work places as possible.


    » Inspiring and national PR campaigning

    What success will look like

    Success for CoppaFeel! comes in the shape of someone letting us know that CoppaFeel! saved their life, through signing people up for the reminders & making sure we reach every uni.

  • Impact


    Long term, we hope to see a behavioural change in the way young people view their breast health. We will demonstrate the impact of this project by requesting feedback from the places we visit, the number of people signed up to our reminder service, and the repeat visits booked in for our Boobettes. Early detection saves lives, we can decrease the number of women diagnosed at an incurable stage (5%) to 0% by ensuring they check regularly, know the signs and symptoms and act upon any changes.


    Our Boobettes could get stage fright whilst talking about something so personal. We will avoid this by training them and making sure they are absolutely ready to take on this brave and inspirational step.


    Videos, testimonials and reports on a monthly basis. Any highlights or adaptations will be well documented.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £24,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,000 Minibus and upkeep for roadshows
      £4,000 Expenses for Boobettes they are volunteers
      £3,000 Educational video crew and high quality editing
      £2,000 PR nationals and regionals
      £1,500 Merchandise for Boobettes and audiences
      £1,500 Resources stickers, info packs, boob costumes etc
  • Background


    Throughout the UK. The roadshow would take us to more economically deprived areas of the UK where health eduction is exceptionally low.


    Main target: People under 30. Peripheral: Everyone
    School children, uni students and people who don’t yet know that checking their boobs could save their life.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only charity in the UK purely targetting an age group previously overlooked by other large scale charities, and the only one creating purely awareness driven campaigns and strong positive messages that we already know save lives. In it’s short life, CoppaFeel! has already helped 3 young women detect their breast cancers at a time when it can be treated successfully.

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    Kristin Hallenga

    Founder and CEO. Given the 1 in 25,000 odds, Kristin was diagnosed with Stage IV secondary breast cancer at 23 because she was unaware of the risks.

    Jenny Steele

    Ambassador. First young woman who's life was saved because she acted upon CoppaFeel! message, went back to the doctors and was diagnosed a week later.