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Planning Positive Futures

Empowering Parents to plan for a positive Future for their children in order to maximise their full participation and inclusion in society and in their communities, and to live as independent a life as possible, rather than be excluded and be institutionalised.

March 2012 - December 2012

Charity information: Parents For Inclusion

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  • Need


    Planning Positive Futures invites parents to look into the future of their disabled young person with hope and clarity. Over three, four or five days the group explores issues of parenting a disabled child from a disability equality perspective. Tools for planning a fulfilled and self determined life of the young person are introduced.


    It takes parents into a process of understanding disability equality and the parents’ perspective from the inside. It is a deeply moving, empowering and informative course. It is often described as a life changing experience.

    Ways of supporting each other as parents are learnt and it is encouraged that the participants continue to meet after the course has finished. Many of these parents become advocates of Inclusion and become volenteers for the organsation

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To remove isolation that parents and disabled children have in their communities.


    » Parents tell us over and over again, that the course has helped them to feel more confident as parents of a disabled child and less stressed.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Parents feel confident in themselves and in their children, understand the value of listening being heard, who model a positive open attitude towards disabilty.

  • Impact


    Parents tell us over and over again, that the course has helped them to feel more confident as parents of a disabled child. Confident and less stressed parents are arguably better parents and also better partners in the interactions with schools and services. Recent feedback from a parent " Now I appreciate myself and others appreciate me differently too. Not just with sympathy:'poor must be tired..go and have a sleep.' Now they appreciate my strength.' Parents, March 2011"


    If funding doesn't go ahead will not be able to continue to empower parents and bring them into the organisation. Parents will remain isolated and alone and many of their children will go and live in long term care not being able to access their communities with a sense of belonging and full participation.


    We produce feed back and evaluation on every PPF course we run with feedback from parents incorporated into the report

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      £5,000 PPF Course 4 Day Workshope with Disability Equality Trainer
  • Background


    Newham in London an area of which is socially deprived where parents many of which are from Black and ethnic minority. Many parents are on low income or are out of work and live in social housing where English is a second language and in many cultures disability is a taboo subject


    We would benefit 10-15 parents who once have completed the training will become Inclusion volunteers in our organisation offering advice to other parents, play settings and schools.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    This course was designed by Micheline Mason and Diana Simpson, two of the founders of Parents for Inclusion, ten years ago and has been delivered to 100s of parents in London and other parts of the country with overwhelmingly positive feed back

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    Cornelia Brosekemp

    Cornelia delivers the training to parents and is parent herself, she has developed the course over many years and understands the challenges the fare

    Micheline Mason

    Micheline is a disabled parent of a disabled child and is a expert in disability equality training and has written many books on the subject