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All Souls Clubhouse Community Centre

The provision of services for housebound elderly people, once a week lunch club, youth, children's' after school clubs in a Christian Context. The advantages of doing this work in Central London is the training benefit afforded to interns exploring the option of ordination in The Church of England.

January 2013 - December 2014

Charity information: All Souls Clubhouse

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  • Need


    With the elderly to provide services that they need but are not provided by statutory provision. A lot of these services have been reduced lately. A good example is assisted shopping trips. Reduced isolation is one of our main outcomes. Youth Work focuses on working with youth who are at risk , before their issues lead to more severe consequences and the remedies are more costly. Our children's work provides an after school provision in a very built up area deprived of "playing space".


    With the elderly we provide a regular shopping facility, regular on site visits and a social meeting point around our weekly lunch club. We also provide bespoke solutions when we can to issues that arise. With youth we work primarily one on one to help them think though various issues. Group dynamics mean we use group activities primarily to make contact. For work with children we provide six after school activities a week primarily making use of the space we have available in our sports hall

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Come together to learn to live Christ across our scattered networks


    » Clubhouse Church operates in the parish of All Souls provide a source of volunteer provision and finance for some Clubhouse projects

    What success will look like

    A vibrant church providing the basis of service provision to the local community because they are known and trusted by the community; understand and know the local needs as well.

    Aim 2

    Send out to serve and speak Christ along our different networks


    » ClubCare provision of help for elderly especially those who are housebound , includes a regular assisted shopping trip. Wednesday Lunch Club .
    » Children's after school provision. 3 Football Clubs, 2 Bible Clubs, 1 Girls Group. Also 3 pre school clubs including ClubKicks(football). Residentials
    » Community Groups subsidized meeting space provision.4 Gamblers Anonymous Groups, 2 AA Groups 2 Tai Chi groups, 1 Art Class, I Falls Prevention Class
    » Youth Work. 2 Church related youth groups, 3 weekly sessions for different age ranges. Meeting youth on a 1 to 1 basis for best effect.

    What success will look like

    Elderly: reduced isolation and greater independence. Youth , early intervention avoiding long term damaging consequences. Children after school clubs with good attendance. Feedback

    Aim 3

    Send on to witness and work for Christ in new networks


    » Primarily though our training initiatives we will practically and academically equip potential candidates for ordination in the Church of England
    » Our aim with employed staff and volunteers is to give them practical skills while they run their activities that are transferable where ever

    What success will look like

    Primarily former interns being ordained and working in their new communities with good practical skills. We have a good track record in this regard locally and internationally.

  • Impact


    The provision of community services to the Fitzrovia Community by The Clubhouse has(started in 1958) and will contribute to a stable local Community . The make up of this community changes rapidly given it's location and The Clubhouse's work contributes to community integration in an area of London with many different residents and business sectors . The success of the business sector especially the media sector in the Fitzrovia area is in no small part a result of the work we do.


    The primary risk is lack of finance hence this appeal among many others.

    We have a stable staff team with a depth of part time and or volunteer staff which allows for orderly staff turnover


    We can respond to their specific needs and we can respond generically in our annual reports and AGM which many donor's attend.

    and via electronic media

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £83,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £27,000 ClubCare 48 elderly people assisted on a regular basis
      £8,000 Wednesday Lunch Club Lunch for 30 elderly people per week
      £28,000 Youth Work 3 weekly youth sessions and 1 to 1 work
      £20,000 Children's Work 6 weekly after school clubs and 3 weekly preschool clubs

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Foster Wood £21,000 Guaranteed
    All Souls Church £21,600 Guaranteed
    Nett of our Room Hire £15,000 Conditional
  • Background


    Fitzrovia area is in the North East of Westminster Borough, London in the eastern part of The Parish of All Souls. This is the poorer section of the parish where there is deprivation in residential units behind the wealthy business facade. Many elderly people having lived in this area are residing in housing units that are hard to access. Young people are often living in very small units of accommodation with very little space for activities related to their age group.


    The main beneficiaries of our community work will be the local resident community of Fitzrovia. We serve the deprived section of this community of 5000-7000 people. We serve the whole age range of this community. This community is very diverse and often includes families that have just arrived in the United Kingdom. A lot of the elderly people that live in Fitzrovia have no close relatives or have lost meaningful contact with these relatives. All the local population needs "activity space"

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The All Souls Clubhouse has been operating community projects successfully in Fitzrovia for the last 53 years. We know and understand the local community that needs our services. As a local church we intend to maintain our presence in this area. We have a dedicated stable staff team to carry out this community work. We have recently received PQASSO Level 1 accreditation(Quality Mark) to ensure the quality of our work and to assure the investors in our work of the good use of their investment.

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    David Kennett

    General Manager for last seven years with direct line management responsibilities for managers delivering the community work.

    Karen Honeysett

    Will directly manage and provide the work with the Elderly people this work targets. She has been doing this at The Clubhouse for the last six years.

    Mark Walley

    Will directly manage and provide the work with the youth this work targets. He has been doing this at The Clubhouse for the last six years.

    Su-Ann Tan

    Our new Children's Work manager. She will manage and directly provide the component of the work aimed specifically at children.

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