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Project information

The Flintshire Wellbeing Centre

A community Well-being Centre for Flintshire to help everyone make the most of their mental health and deal with the effects of emotional and mental distress. We'll have complimentary and talking therapies, massage, arts, life coaching, stress management courses and much more.

We aim to open the Well-being Centre in April 2012

Charity information: North East Wales Mind

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  • Need


    One in four Flintshire people will experience mental/emotional distress each year. That’s over 20,000 adults in our community, but only about half of them will get help from their GP or mental health services. Hard to believe, but true. Many are left to struggle with their symptoms alone. Sometimes that means things get worse before they get better: friends and family are left with nowhere to turn for help. Providing information and support early on helps people recover more quickly & stay well


    We will set up a Wellbeing Centre as a community hub for activities to help people develop the mental and emotional resilience to cope with everyday life. We have identified a suitable building in Mold to welcome people to take part in massage, social groups, counselling, life coaching, stress management training, gardening, walking, volunteering and more. We will work with other community groups to share the centre and take services to other local places: improving community support.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To open a Flintshire Wellbeing Centre by June 2012.


    » Raise funds to re-fit and furnish the centre to give a comfortable, welcoming environment where people can relax and learn to improve their well-being
    » Recruit and train volunteers to run activities and welcome people into the centre as receptionists
    » Move current Flintshire Mind volunteers, staff and activities to the Centre including information, drop-in and activities and talking therapies

    What success will look like

    Success will be that 600 people have used the Centre by December 2012 and we have recruited an extra 10 to help run well-being activities at the centre and support reception

    Aim 2

    Work with other community groups to provide wellbeing services six days per week by December 2012


    » Make links with other voluntary groups in order to jointly identify and develop three extra volunteer-led wellbeing activities based in the Centre
    » Recruit and train volunteers as necessary for the new activities.
    » Publicise each activity to current clients and through the local press, broadcast media, voluntary sector networks and through social media

    What success will look like

    Success will be that 3 other community groups run wellbeing services from the Centre and local people have access to massage, counselling and life coaching

    Aim 3

    Raise the profile of wellbeing/good mental health in the local community and with local businesses


    » Plan and carry out a launch in June 2012, with support from local MPs/AMs and other stakeholders
    » Hold two day-long stress management workshops for local people and local businesses
    » Use social media to promote the centre, including sending out updates at least weekly on twitter, facebook and by email.

    What success will look like

    Success will be to have had monthly coverage in local media and increased the number of enquiries (web and phone) we receive by 25%.

  • Impact


    In the longer term the project will increase the profile of wellbeing and mental health issues in Flintshire, and inspire local people to improve their own well-being and support the wellbeing of others. This will be evidenced by increased GP and self-referrals to our services. The Centre will be fully used throughout the week to provide a wide range of innovative activities and therapies and these will be available in local communities through outreach work.


    There is a risk that we are unable to fund all of the one-off costs connected to opening the centre. This is being addressed by identifying suitable grant funding and developing fundraising plans. There is a risk that activities could fall short of the high quality standards we set ourselves, especially if run by other groups or volunteers. We will develop service criteria for each activity and identify training and support needs for volunteers.


    We will provide information on the progress/success of the project through regular e-newsletters, through individual contact (where appropriate) and through our annual review. We will also provide regular updates via our website.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,658

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,878 Re-fit Furniture and fittings & AV equipment for reception, training and meeting rooms
      £1,500 Signage External signage to ensure a strong high-street presence and internal signage for wayfinding
      £1,280 Soundproofing Soundproofing of counselling room to make it fit for purpose
      £1,000 Events & training Holding two stress-busting workshops and training for volunteers
  • Background


    Flintshire has a large and growing population (95,150 adults) with a density of 345 people per km2, more than double the average for Wales. 2% of the population are from BME groups. The largest population is concentrated along the Dee estuary, but much of the county is rural and there’s a lot of rural deprivation in the north. Job losses from manufacturing in the 1980s/90 have contributed to this. The Wellbeing Centre will be centrally located in Mold, which has the best transport links.


    Local people experiencing mental/emotional distress would benefit most. Currently there is little support unless their condition is severe and long lasting. The support available to most of the 20,000 adults affected each year is limited to GP prescribed medication or a very small amount of group therapy.

    Trainee (and qualified) counsellors, life coaches and holistic therapists currently have little opportunity to practice in a supported environment – the Centre would provide this.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have successfully developed wellbeing services over the past 3 yrs with the aim of opening a wellbeing centre. These include relaxation, art workshops, massage, counselling and psycho-educational training. We have developed a stress management course and run Mental Health First Aid courses. We are the only voluntary organisation in our area with the remit to work with both men & women in this way. We have support from the Flintshire’s Mental Health Strategic Planning Group for this work.

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    Pam Thomas - Trustee

    Pam is a founder member of Flintshire Mind and has led the campaign for a Wellbeing Centre. She is passionately committed to making it happen.

    Colin Wynstanley - Trustee

    Colin has wide-ranging business experience and is ensuring we are realistic and businesslike in our plans and is overseeing the refurbishment work

    Jenny Murphy - Chief Officer

    Jenny has significantly grown the organisation/services over 3yrs. She has a flair for publicity – attracting TV, radio & press coverage for us

    Sue Beckett - Volunteer & Peer Mentoring Manager

    Sue's commitment, dedication and creativity will be needed to develop community led activities. She has long experience of supporting volunteers.