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Giving street children a future through education

Giving Rwandan street youth a way off the streets through access to education. A donation of £6,600 would ensure that 42 street children, youth and orphans get access to primary, secondary and technical schooling with the necessary school materials they need for the academic year 2014.

January 2014 - December 2014

Charity information: Ubaka U Rwanda

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  • Need


    In Rwanda half of the 9.6 million population are under 18 and there is no proper social services system to aid the most vulnerable, let alone those over 18 who survived the genocide in 1994 and it’s devastating after effects for those left behind. This combined with high levels of HIV and extreme poverty leads to high numbers of troubled street children who have no way to escape their desperate situation without being provided a home and access to education so they can get out of poverty.


    The Ubaka U Rwanda Centre already provides housing, substantial nutritious meals 3 times a day, with full medical care and emotional support alongside it's rehabilitation and reconciliation services, for 42 street youth. This meets the practical and psychological needs of the street youth. However it is also essential that they are given a permanent way out of the streets by sending them to schools according to their abilities to enable them to get employment and be self-sustaining.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide access to education to 34 street youth


    » Pay school fees for 9 street children to attend primary schools
    » Pay school fees for 18 street youth to attend secondary schools
    » Pay fees for apprenticeships, vocational training and technical schooling for 7 street youth

    Success will be 33 street children having finished an academic year at primary, 7 street youths having finished secondary and 2 having finished specialist training.

    Aim 2

    To provide necessary school equipment for 34 street youth


    » Provide school materials, including books, uniforms, bags, mattresses, tool kits and transportation for 34 street youth

    Success will be 42 street youth having all the resources they require to successfully attend their prospective schools.

    Aim 3

    To provide necessary housing, food, medical attention, emotional support and rehabilitation


    » Continue to provide this at the Ubaka U Rwanda centre

    Success will be not only the continuation of this at the centre but these former street children and youths going on to live happy successful working and personal lives.

  • Impact


    42 street youths lives will be changed through gaining access to education they would otherwise not have received, success will be clearly seen when they go on to hold down employment they previously had no access too. The local community is changed as they no longer have so many street children begging, taking drugs and stealing but also learn how to deal with these issues in a positive way, encouraging more assistance to this population and furthering their reintegration into society.


    The first risk is the possibility of the population dropping out of school. We counteract this by their living at the centre for a year before enrollment, a partial day school attendance system, regular meetings with teachers and tutoring at the centre. The second risk is that we won't raise enough money for all of them to attend school. We try to minimise this by seeking multiple sources of funding, negotiating with schools and limiting the number of children and youth we help.


    We will report to donors largely via email unless otherwise specified, and will do so with monthly updates, as well as on our website. Those who join the sponsorship program will also receive personal letters and updates from their child or young person.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £11,083

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,320 primary&local secondary fees School fees for 9 street youths to attend primary and 8 to attend local secondary schools & meals
      £4,124 school materials Notebooks, Text books, Transport, uniforms etc for 34 street youths
      £3,608 Boarding school fees& material School fees for 10 street youth to attend boarding secondary schools
      £1,031 Fees for Vocational Fees, uniforms, transport etc for vocational courses apprenticeship schemes&techinical schools for 6
  • Background


    Our centre is located in the heart of the Nyamirambo, Nyarugenge District near Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The area is renowned for it's drug culture, nightlife and high levels of prostitution. As a result it has a more high concentration of street children and youths than any other part of Rwanda.


    Those who will benefit from our project directly are the street children and youth of Nyamirambo and indirectly their families, when they are reconciled, and the police and local community who no longer have to deal with their petty crimes but have instead upstanding members who contribute positively. Nyamirambo is an extremely poor area (half the population of Rwanda live on less than a $1 a day, and this rate is even higher in Nyamirambo).

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our Centre Manager and Co-founder Evode Usabyamahoro grew up as a street youth following the genocide. Since turning his life around he has devoted his life to helping street children, and it was his initial project which formed the base of Ubaka U Rwanda. It is largely because of his hard-work, compassion and success that Ubaka U Rwanda has been able to form such positive relationships with the local schools, community and government, which in turn has made us very successful at rehabilitation.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Evode Usabyamahoro

    Co-founder of Ubaka U Rwanda, President of Ubaka U Rwanda, Rwanda & Centre Manager Of Ubaka U Rwanda which involves coordinating the education project

    Rebecca Usabyamahoro (Shrubsole)

    Co-founder of Ubaka U Rwanda and Rwandan Project coordinator. Also a qualified psychologist. Both persons are full-time live-in staff at the centre

Joel heading off to school

Joel heading off to school


will pay a child's primary school fees for a year

It is good to go to school because my dream is to be the president so I must study

Joel Maniragaba aged 8