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Active Arts for Older People

The aim is to launch a programme of creative arts activities that will encourage activity and creativity and challenge preconceptions about what is appropriate for older people.

April 2012 - September 2013

Charity information: Newhampton Arts Centre

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  • Need


    Many older people suffer from boredom, isolation, reduced physical and mental activity. Opportunities and aspirations can be limited not only by accessibility but by past experience and perceptions of what is available and appropriate. Provision, where it exists, is often not very imaginative or culturally inclusive, geared towards a stereotype rather than individuals.


    We will launch a programme of creative activities that will challenge and expand current provision. Our launch day will encourage people to try activities that are imaginative, stimulating and inclusive e.g. drama, bhangra, steel pans, creative dance and music. Following feedback, six ten-week courses will be run over a year, leading to a celebration day where participants will share their achievements. Health and care workers will be encouraged to promote activities and share the learning

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To promote health and well-being by engaging older people in a varied range of creative activities


    »  Create a launch day with a range of workshops and performances to inspire older people
    »  To run a series of six ten-week workshops based on feedback from the launch and culminating in a celebration day.
    »  To set up a steering group of older people and health and care professionals to promote activities and share learning

    What success will look like

    Success will be engaging 100 older people in workshops and 10 health/care professionals in support.

  • Impact


    Long term changes will include increased sense of health and well-being on the part of participants. This would be demonstrated by feedback from participants and professionals. It should also change perceptions about the type of activities that are suitable for older people. This would be demonstrated by involvement by the continued involvement of participants in the activities, feedback and participation in the celebration day.


    Suitable workshop leaders could not be found - we have links to artists and organisations who have experience in these areas.
    Older people will not engage - we have already linked with local partners including Age UK and U3A.


    Donors will receive a monthly email report outlining progress on the project and an evaluation report at the end of the project. They will also be invited to the celebration day.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £19,445

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,810 Administration Staff and resources for administration
      £3,225 Venue costs Room and theatre hire and associated staff costs
      £11,200 Artists Workshop leaders and performers
      £1,000 Marketing Leaflets and postage
      £2,210 Travel/Access/contingency Transport and refreshments for participants/Contingency for unexpeted costs
  • Background


    The Newhampton Arts Centre is a community arts facility located in Wolverhampton. The city is rich in cultural diversity but also high in factors of economic and social deprivation. The NAC which celebrated its tenth birthday last year, has excellent and accessible facilities and a history of working in partnership. It is managed by a charitable trust.


    Older people throughout the city, from different social and cultural backgrounds.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Newhampton Arts Centre has experience of running a range of arts projects, events and festivals aimed at different parts of the community including children, families and disabled people. We have strong links with local community organisations including groups of older people. We also have contacts with arts workers who provide high quality workshops in a range of arts forms.

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    Christine McGowan

    Christine is the Centre Manager at the Newhampton Arts Centre. She has successfully managed a range of community arts projects at the NAC.

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown is the Site and Facilities Manager at the Newhampton Arts Centre and has many years experience of event management.

    Tonia Daley-Campbell

    Tonia is artistic director of Kuumba Arts Movement working in the community in Wolverhampton, and a member of the board of trustees.

    Eileen Ward-Birch

    Eileene is secretary of the Wolverhampton Pensioners Convention and a member of the steering group.