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Project information

WAYout Hub

WAYout provides digital media training to young, disadvantaged people in Sierra Leone. Now, due to user demand, we want to open a hub where editing systems are permanently set up, electricity is constant, support is on hand, cameras and kit are available and people can meet and share ideas

March 2012 - February 2013

Charity information: WAYout - Worldwide Arts for Youth

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  • Need


    Sierra Leone has 70% youth unemployment and many of them live on the street. Partly due to the big give last year, WAYout offers hope to some of those disadvantaged young people in providing arts, media and music training- both to give people a voice and a chance to express themselves and explore issues important to them and to provide training to a professional level to enable some of these young people to get jobs in media or music. Getting them off the street and into meaningful employment


    We provide a space with mac computers for design and editing, cameras for shooting and a music studio to record and learn music. It is a place where training is provided to a high standard and where people can meet and share ideas and get the support they need. We help people find jobs and create a base for potential clients to visit if looking to commission a video or piece of music. We promote our trainees and help them apply for jobs. We screen the films of our users make to the community

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To develop the hub in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where budding musicians and filmmakers work and learn


    » Raise funding to support the hub for another year, rent, electricity, security
    » Update our current equipment- newer cameras and Mac computers running Final Cut Pro 7. Purchase a screen for public viewing
    » support users to find funding and work, screenings and festival entries for their work.

    What success will look like

    Success will be The hub staying open into 2013 with at least one new project in development each week

    Aim 2

    To build on WAYout training and provide more tutors to teach digital media technology and music


    » Increase the numbers of volunteer media professionals going to Sierra Leone to pass on their skills, especially women.
    » Support trained or self taught Sierra Leoneans to pass on their knowledge to others.
    » Visit schools and street youth groups to encourage them to realise the potential of media training and expand the numbers using WAYout
    » Run women only courses as girls currently hang back and do not compete with the boys.

    What success will look like

    Success will be The completion of courses in documentary making, editing, writing, shooting and music with 50% of students continuing to develop their own ideas including women

    Aim 3

    To develop jobs and funding opportunities for those who have completed training or are self taught


    » Provide internet access so that people can access funding opportunities internationally, supply training in application writing.
    » Encourage networking through youtube, twitter, online forums etc
    » Showcase completed films in the local ‘cinemas’ to reach local audiences and international NGOs based in Sierra Leone.
    » Visit and leaflet international NGOs, who currently bring in outside crews to make their promotional films, to make them aware of local talent.

    What success will look like

    Success will be To see students taking on paid work or being successful with funding applications

    Aim 4

    To build up an equipment library


    » Target UK based production companies to give their unused equipment and ship it out to Sierra Leone.
    » Run workshops on caring for equipment so that it lasts longer
    » Run a general appeal for unwanted equipment

    What success will look like

    Success will be To have 3 full shooting kits of Z1s or entry level cameras for people to borrow

    Aim 5

    Make it sustainable


    » As in aim 3, bring in paid work and funded projects and charge for facilities where there is a budget.
    » Run film screenings that people pay to come to.

    What success will look like

    Success will be
    To receive enough income from screenings, equipment hire or fees to pay for the hub for another year with growth on the horizon

  • Impact


    Success will be new skills and increased confidence will enable the young people who take part to gain employment, share their views and promote change or simply meet likeminded people. Finding an ability that they did not know they had enables many street youth to leave the street and see hope in their future.
    All of which helps to build a stable, open and creative society.
    Already, WAYout supported films have won prizes and changed lives


    The main risk would be not getting enough funding to continue running and equip the studio but if we raise this £3000 it will pay the rent for another year. We have a further fundraiser in November which will support furniture and equipment costs but even if that, for some unforeseen reason, was cancelled we already have adequate equipment in Sierra Leone.And we received funding for the music studio earlier this year


    Donors will receive a monthly email update and a quarterly newsletter. WAYout also has twitter, facebook and youtube accounts for people to check. Donors will receive notification whenever any new videos are uploaded or when there is any particularly exciting news .

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £3,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,750 hub rent for one year of studio
      £250 hub generator/ fuel costs
  • Background


    The hub is in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone endured one of the world’s most brutal conflicts which finally ended in 2002, leaving a generation of young people traumatised, unemployed and without hope.
    20% lack a primary carer and many still live on the streets. Although things are slowly improving, over half the population are under 18 and youth unemployment still stands at 70-80%. Sierra Leone remains one of the poorest countries in the world according to the UN index.


    Young, disadvantaged people and street youth directly benefit by receiving training and an opportunity to express themselves. Local people will have access to screenings and audiences will be entertained and educated. NGOs and those employing our filmmakers benefit from supporting local talent and those volunteering to go and teach in Sierra Leone are always very positive about their experiences

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    WAYout has been operating in Sierra Leone for 4 years and we already have a network of young people, some on the street, others struggling to survive, who have been attending training sessions and using their skills. Films made range from educational dramas for NGOs to music videos for local musicians. The camera lending scheme we have been operating for 18 months has been very successful and we have learnt the pitfalls as well as the joys. Our users are asking us to do this.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Hazel Chandler

    Hazel, trustee, has been working in Sierra Leone for 7 years. She is a professional filmmaker so can pass on her skills and gets things done

    Eugene Swaray

    Hub Manager. Eugene has been with WAYout since it began and knows our work and the people we work with well.

    Michael Chandler

    Director and trustee of WAYout. Michael started WAYout and is passionate about delivering our aims

    Ibrahim Kamara

    User. Ibrahim Kamara was one of WAYout’s first students. He now teaches others and manages to earn a living making films

WAYout Anthem made by WAYout users.

Why should someone on the streets not dream of being a musician or filmmaker? Could they dream of this if the facilities were not available to them?

Mark Thomas