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NOISE Festival 2012

A national showcase of the best UK creative talent (14-30), selected by leading creative industry professionals and programmed by young people. NOISE promotes the best new artists via international media platforms, to educate the wider public in the excellence that young people can achieve.

October 2011 - December 2012

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  • Need


    Pathways into the Creative Industries are unclear, especially for disadvantaged youth without connections or networks. A large section of recession-hit young people will not access the opportunities to kick-start a sustainable career. Rising tuition fees; reduced university places; 1million unemployed youth; job shortages to match graduate skills and a lack of support from colleges and Job centres for those with creative career ambitions, are all contributing to a ‘Lost Generation of Talent’.


    NOISE Festival 2012 professionalises and endorses (via global media exposure and ranking by industry professionals) the spare time, creative activities that young talented people are generating. NOISE provides interactive online portfolios, facilitates physical events and delivers innovative projects to nationally promote and acknowledge these achievements. NOISE validates these non-formal activities as debt-free paths into the creative sector, for participants to gain commissions or jobs.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To stage the NOISE Festival National emerging talent showcase 2012 - an Olympics of creativity


    » Young people access PR support, funding and resources to produce regional creative showcase events to form a year-long festival programme
    » The NOISE Festival of mini-festivals culminates in a week-long, national, Autumn, showcase event with selling exhibition, performances and workshops
    » NOISE provides national marketing support via media partners -TV, radio, publications, online listings, and social networks
    » A NOISE youth advisory panel inform and influence the national showcase finale activities and help select/mentor the regional, bursary awarded events

    What success will look like

    A series of regional and a final national event staged (30+ events receiving support), with qualitative and quantitative evaluations plus NOISE support review

    Aim 2

    To promote young people’s participation in generating and promoting the festival


    » Bursaries offered to NOISE Artists who plan innovative showcasing events for emerging talent, creating highly-rated regional events
    » An online toolkit published to help young people to host successful events, including budgeting, promotion, health and safety
    » Participation, for successful regional showcases, in the week-long NOISE Festival with master-classes, industry fair, fashion shows and screenings
    » NOISE street teams in each major town and city promoting local and national events in creative and cultural hotspots

    What success will look like

    Numbers of those taking part with projects, events, peer mentors, street teams, volunteers; and monitoring the progression from the success of these activities

    Aim 3

    Increase the number of global participants and wider audiences for the Festival talent via the media


    » Unique media partnerships with TV, radio, arts and lifestyle publications to feature editorial profiles, projects, events and promotional content
    » Engage leading NOISE Curators, to select and endorse NOISE artists, their work and events across regional and national media platforms
    » A National marketing campaign across schools, universities, communities and local creative hubs via the NOISE international network of Street Teams
    » Produce a documentary profiling the best NOISE artists, including background stories and NOISE curator interviews, sold to global media channels

    What success will look like

    An audience of (8million+), media coverage value raised (£3million), web visitor statistics (10,000 monthly), quality of partnerships, curators and feedback

    Aim 4

    Young people’s non-formal learning activities and projects are validated as paths to employment


    » NOISE portfolios are designed to validate non-formal creative activities as learning experiences rated with feedback via community peer-accreditation
    » NOISE online skills modules provide a la carte learning to enhance NOISE Artists abilities, as and when needed, to grow towards professional status

    What success will look like

    The number of creative portfolios generated (3,000), e-learning modules accessed, gaining certification and monitoring of the progression of success from these

    Aim 5

    Promoting achievable, credible progression paths, to increase young people’s confidence and ambition


    » Acclaimed NOISE Curators map their maverick paths to achieving success in their industry through online interviews and master-classes
    » NOISE Job agency online provides internship, apprenticeship and employment opportunities across creative sectors and beyond
    » NOISE vocational skills modules with partner FE/HE institutions, for start-up/freelancing/employment, leading to industry recognised accreditation
    » Online peer-mentoring by NOISE Artists, providing support/reviews on creative projects and events uploaded by users to their NOISE skills portfolios

    What success will look like

    Qualitative monitoring: user surveys and case studies of career progression, with numbers continuing to jobs, commissions, further training or business start-up

  • Impact


    NOISE will deliver long term change by removing barriers to enter the creative industries, enabling emerging creatives whoever and wherever they are, to reach their full potential thus increasing social mobility.
    NOISE will demonstrate success by monitoring the number of artists who progress to training, employment or start-up as a result of their involvement; Industry recognition as THE talent filter; providing accessible informal learning, for alternative routes into the creative industries.


    Consult with online safety experts, health & safety support staff for events
    Motivating a youth audience
    We have a strong track record in efficient, grassroots marketing, working with focus groups for marketing techniques and continually scan for good practice
    A Risk Register and Delegation of Authority together with regularly updated policies for managing budget risks. NOISE has NEVER exceeded budget, negotiating set contracts with robust contract management and procurement pol


    Monthly email report – progress, changes, schedule, achievements, feedback, future plans

    Final evaluation – independent assessment of SROI, demographics of uptake and progression to career or training by participants, testimonials, audience statistics, recommendations, sustainability and legacy

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £400,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £43,140 Core NOISE Staff Executive Producer, Operations Manager, Finance Officer, Graphic Designer, Marketing/ Retail Manager
      £43,825 Freelance staff & Volunteers Event Managers, Event Assistants, Runners/ Drivers, expenses/ accommodation. Volunteer expenses and
      £25,610 Marketing Street Team, marketing materials, e-newsletters
      £68,190 TV production & documentation curator interviews, event documentation, TV documentary production
      £48,964 NOISE Charity core costs NOISE Charity office overheads etc
      £63,241 Travel, expenses/ accommo' Young NOISE artists, industry, staff to events & industry fees
      £84,030 Event production & bursaries dressing, catering, staging, web streaming, aesthetics, registration systems and 20 £500 bursaries f
      £23,000 PR PR team for national coverage
  • Background


    Through its online hub at, the charity works across the UK and is accessible by geographically remote communities. NOISE has a variety of entry points, with a focus on online access, which we are aware that hard to reach communities may find a barrier. To counter this, we have a range of other engagement mechanisms, such as mobile apps, street teams, a tour and promotional events in non-arts venues. Plus partnerships with local authorities, Job entre Plus and Connexions.


    Young people aged 14-30
    University/school leavers without ‘job-ready’ skills
    Un-paid interns
    Employed in jobs unrelated to ambition
    Those unable to finance education due to socio-economic status
    Long-term benefits claimants
    Lack access to take part in creative activities

    Industry looking for freelancers or employees
    Parents with graduates returning home or children choosing career paths
    Media seeking artists/products to profile
    Career advisors without creative industry

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Over 7 years NOISE has developed best practice to gain maximum impact for participants:
    Biennial showcase- 18,000 submissions
    Quality media partnerships- BBC, MTV, MSN, Blueprint, TATE
    Leading Curators- Sir Norman Rosenthal, Zaha Hadid
    85 placements- MTV Brazil, Hemingway
    Government support Ed Vaizey, Alistair Darling, Yvette Cooper
    Audience 800million, £8million PR value (2006-10)
    Won Best Arts, Cultural & Heritage Charity Charity Awards 2009

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    CEO Denise Proctor MBA, RCA

    Pioneered leading commercial music and education online projects. At NOISE gained top arts, media partners and curators

    Margaret Bruce, NOISE Charity Trustee

    Professor of Marketing at Manchester Business School and Fullbright scholar at Harvard Business School.

    Dr Peter Atkinson, NOISE Charity Trustee

    Film and Media course-leader at University of Central Lancashire. Recently he has engaged with ways of developing employability in the HE curriculum

    Victoria Turnbull, NOISE Operations Manager

    Steered the 2008 online marketing campaign and manages NOISE website, national street teams and social media strategy, part of the target demographic

Sir Norman Rosenthal,Tim Marlow NOISE08 Downing St

Sir Norman Rosenthal,Tim Marlow NOISE08 Downing St

I was chosen from over 2,000 submissions, went on to sell work, feature in a NOISE exhibition & magazines and was offered a place on the RCA MA course

Leah Capaldi, NOISE artist