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Children's Education Programme

TGF aims to improve the quality of educational experience for children in a target area of rural Cambodia from pre-primary to secondary school level. Through various projects we work to increase the quantity of children enrolled and graduating and improve cooperation between all interested parties.

December 2011 - December 2012

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  • Need


    Many children in rural Cambodia don’t go to primary school, many others fail first grade and many never graduate. In rural areas teachers are generally villagers with no formal education. Many children cannot afford school materials such as books and pencils. The dropout rate is very high and most children in the TGF target area fail to transition from Primary to Secondary school.


    Through a variety of projects TGF seeks to encourage and help students adjust to formal education. Once at school TGF runs projects that support very poor students to encourage them to remain at school. TGF works to improve the general quality of teaching and provides additional teaching staff in summer school.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    The set up of Community Kindergartens


    » Run by community members trained by TGF, kindergarten classes are sponsored by TGF (teachers stipend and classroom materials provided).

    Success will be continuing to support 19 Kindergartens in 15 villages with 490 children. Prior to TGF work in target areas there were no existing kindergartens.

    Aim 2

    Dental Hygiene for entry level primary students


    » TGF provide a toothbrush and toothpast and instructions in its use something new to most students. It incentivizes children to come to school.

    Success will be continuing to provide a toothbrush and toothpaste and instruction on how and why to use them to all new students joining primary 1 in 19 schools.

    Aim 3

    TGF sponsored Study Clubs, Summer School, Sports teams


    » Managed by students & set up in classrooms reserved for club activities. Students go in free periods or after school for peer-orientated learning.
    » TGF hires local teachers for advanced subjects to help students prepare for secondary school.
    » TGF supports volleyball teams in local public schools. Prior to TGF involvement there were no athletics programs at target area schools.

    Success will be continuing to support extra curriculum classes and activities in 19 schools to augment current schooling.

    Aim 4

    TGF Sponsored Teacher Training for primary school and Kindergarten teachers


    » Because many of the teachers in public primary schools do not have a teaching certificate TGF sponsors training in improve local educational capacity.

    Success will be continuing to give teacher training for staff at the 19 schools. For most this is the only professional training they get.

    Aim 5

    TGF School Scholarships for poor children who perform well at school.


    » Scholarships are provided to children nearing the end of primary and beginning secondary school.

    Success will be supporting 86 students in secondary or at the end of primary school. This is equal to 33% of total students in the target areas enrolled in secondary level.

  • Impact


    All children in the 19 schools will benefit from better trained teaching staff and increased opportunities to learn and play sport. The poorest children will get financial help to stay in school. We will demonstrate our success by comparing % increases in enrollment, attendance, increase primary graduation rate and secondary graduation rate over the next 5 years. These activities are recommended by the ministry of Education in their 5 year national education plan.


    There is a risk that staff may leave thereby disrupting the work to improve local capacity of school administration, teachers, parents and students to work effectively and cooperatively on the subject of education. This is unlikely and in any event we have other staff who could step in that know the communities very well. Also government may decide to run these activities themselves. At this point it seems very unlikely and ultimately this is what we want!


    Generally our donors receive a quarterly report of activity with photos and statistical data demonstrating results. They will receive a budget v actual update and operational timeline update. We can do bespoke reporting as required.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £42,935

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      Amount Heading Description
      £27,783 General Salaries, Transport for 3 staff running the programme
      £4,216 Kindergartens supporting 19 kindergartens in 15 villages with 490 children enrolled
      £2,500 Dental Hygiene & study club For Primary entry level children in 19 school, For learning materials in each of the 19 school
      £3,369 Scholarships To support approx 86 children in secondary school
      £2,319 Teacher Training & volley ball For primary and kindergarten teachers. For equipment and coaches inl 19 schools
      £2,748 Summer School For teachers salaries to support 3 summer school (800 students in 2011)
  • Background


    We are working in 19 schools in 4 communes: Pongro Kraum, Pongro Leu, Spean Tnaut, Kampong Kdei. They are in Chi Kraeng district, Siem Reap province, Cambodia. Siem Reap province, although having the jewel of Angkor Wat and other temples, is the second poorest province in Cambodia. Where we work is very rural,the population very poor and communities are very under served by government funding and infrastructure. We have been active since 2008.


    All local children in the area (tot.pop approx 30,000) where we work will benefit from better teaching staff and extra curriculum activities but particularly the very poor who, provided they are good students, will receive help to continue their education. Until the late 90's the area was off limits due Khmer Rouge / bandit activity. There remains extremely poor communities living in the forests and slowly we are seeing the offspring walk miles to attend school. Illiteracy is widespread.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    TGF has been working in the area since 2008. Children's education is just one part of a holistic community development programme (we also do health&sanitation, Adult education and infrastructure) . We have strong connections to the community and the local government education authorities. We have been successful already and with more work time and funding our projects will help empower the community and build local capacity which will have a lasting benefit.

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    Ponnarann Peng

    Ponnarann (Director Children's Education Programme) has more than 10 years experience in Cambodian NGOs focusing on children's education and welfare.

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