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International Emergency Response Team

We’re emergency response specialists, but until now we’ve had to draw staff from existing projects to respond to new disasters and crises. So we want to establish a centralised Emergency Response Team who will be ready to respond. We’ll be on the ground sooner with a greater capacity to save lives.


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  • Need


    Time is of essence when responding to emergencies. One of the key issues for being ready to respond is having the right resources in place and a plan for their use. Key resources are qualified and ready to deploy staff with the equipment they need to do their work. Communication is often interrupted due to damage in infrastructure. Communities are in need for appropriate assistance. Local markets have taken a hit and livelihoods of survivors are strongly impacted.


    In order to gain valuable time we will have five experienced and highly trained staff ready to leave to set up a new emergency response programme. An organisational framework has been developed that defines and co-ordinates the cross departmental support needed. The emergency response store will have equipment needed to work in destroyed infrastructures; in particular satellite phones, laptops set up for use in this context, camping gear, and a small generator.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase speed and capacity to deliver emergency responses, saving lives and re-building futures.


    » Recruit and brief / train highly skilled and experienced team.
    » Order, set-up, store and maintain equipment ready to go.
    » Have cash in place to buy local relief goods.
    » Conduct lessons learnt after each deployment to review and improve plan.

    Success will be... team deployed within 48 hrs in order to assess and respond to the most important needs building on the community’s capacity.

  • Impact


    Investing in the Medair’s emergency response capacity will allow us to constantly improve our ability to save lives, come alongside survivors and rebuild their futures together with them. Each response will be reviewed in a lessons learnt with identified changes implemented during the next response. Long-term we will be able to reach communities faster, and serve them better and with higher capacity.


    > Lack of funding (which would result in not all the objectives of the project being met).
    > Insecurity reducing access to people in need – Medair has a very robust system in place to assess and manage security risks. In most, but not all, situations a changed modus operandi would allow Medair to stay on in difficult circumstances while in others we may need to suspend or leave to achieve a sufficient level of staff safety.


    We will email / write to thank donors (January 2012) and update donors (August 2012) (with photos, progress reports, beneficiaries' feedback etc. ). We will also invite donors to attend one of our Open Evenings where they can ask questions and hear and see directly from field staff.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £200,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £100,000 Equipment .
      £100,000 Personnel .
  • Background


    Emergency responses could take place in any part of the world where people are in urgent need. The general focus will be on Africa, Asia and other areas of extraordinary need. Medair supports the world’s most vulnerable people who often live overlooked in remote and hard to reach locations, and although it may vary, the emergency response is therefore likely to take place in a remote location.


    Primarily the most vulnerable members of communities hit by disasters. This will be assessed on a case by case basis. Often these include children, pregnant women and mothers, single or child headed households, the elderly or disabled or marginalised groups in a society. Beyond this we will invest in our national staff to grow their potential and in local structures to develop local capacity or a more resilient future.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Medair has a proven track record of successfully responding to emergencies over the past 21 years, even if those take place in difficult and hard to reach locations. We want to develop the Emergency Response Team, to build on those successes in a systematic way. We specialise in the areas of healthcare, water and sanitation and housing and infrastructure and therefore are in a position to respond to a wide variety of emergencies situations with compassion, bringing hope and restoring dignity.

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    Rebekka Meissner

    Emergency Desk Officer - highly-experienced humanitarian, who will lead the International Emergency Response Team.